WATCH: Stirling Uni CND blockade nuclear weapons convoy

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Stirling Uni’s branch of the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) stalled a nuclear weapons convoy for around 20 minutes on Thursday on the A84.

Against the backdrop of Stirling Castle, two activists lay down in front of and between the wheels of one of the trucks, causing the entire convoy behind it to stop as police attempted to get them off the road.

The convoy attempted to pass the campaigners at around 5pm.

Further footage shows the activists both going limp to prolong arrest before being taken into police custody.

The pair were charged with breach of the peace but have since been released from police custody.

Union President Dave Keenan has expressed solidarity with the activists, one of whom was a Stirling student, and reaffirmed the Union’s support for “all peace initiatives within the local area and disarmament of nuclear weapons”.

He also called for the police to drop all charges.

A final video of the protest shows the cameraman refusing to give an officer his details, saying: “I tend not to give my details to people that walk up to me in the street and ask (for) them.”


Observing and filming such a protest is not an arrestable offence, and there is no obligation to identify yourself if doing so.

The society often run ‘know your rights’ sessions so that student activists feel safe and informed when engaging in protest action.

All the video footage taken of the blockade can be seen on Stirling Uni CND’s Facebook page.

A spokesperson for the society told Brig: “We hope this video helps to spread awareness and highlight the dangers of the presence of nuclear weapons on Scottish soil and in Scottish waters.”

In a statement on his Facebook page, Union President Dave Keenan said: “Stirling Students’ Union wholeheartedly supports the society and the students involved in this action.

“The union has policy that states we support all peace initiatives within the local area and disarmament of nuclear weapons.

“We continue to support CND in their ongoing efforts to rid Scotland and the United Kingdom of the Trident nuclear missile deterrent.

“Therefore, we call on Police Scotland to drop the charges against those involved in yesterdays actions.”

Keenan added: “Stirling Students’ Union takes a firm stance against Trident and will continue to support our CND society and our activists in any future actions.”

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: “Two males have been arrested and charged for a breach of the peace after a military convoy was disrupted as it made its way through Stirling on Thursday, September 15.

“Both men, aged 21 and 78, have been reported to the procurator fiscal and are expected to appear in court at a later date.”

Faslane naval base, which houses the UK’s Trident nuclear weapons system, is situated 44 miles from Stirling.

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