Joining Brig was the best decision I made at uni

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Team Brig on a social in January 2016. Credit: Brig Newspaper

It doesn’t seem like two years since it was my Freshers week. In September 2014 I sat in my room in halls thinking the same thoughts as every other new student. Was I going to cope living away from home? Would I enjoy my course? Would I make friends?

I had planned on joining Brig ever since I confirmed my place at the University of Stirling. I was going to study journalism, so it was a no-brainer. This way I could practice my writing skills, and meet like-minded people. But really I was scared – I had no idea of what it would be like. Maybe it would be too formal, and not really for me. Or it could be too cliquey, and I’d find it hard to fit in.

I went along to the Give-It-A-Go with these thoughts at the forefront of my mind. How wrong I was. Everyone was friendly and welcoming, and they explained what they were all about. I quickly realised that this was the society for me.

I did find the first few weeks of university hard. Everything was new and scary and exciting. But Brig was a constant that kept me grounded as I found myself in a new place. Being part of a society helped me to focus on things outside of my uni work. And nothing could beat the thrill of having my own articles published in print!

It got even better in second year when I was elected onto the committee. I discovered the work that goes into creating the newspaper and the decisions that are essential in any society. It was at this point that I really felt I was a part of the team – nothing brings people together like working towards a deadline.

Now I am going into third year, with the committee positions of Comment Editor and Head of Proofreading. I really can’t imagine my university life without Brig being a part of it. I have grown so much more confident, both as a person and in my writing. But the society isn’t just about the newspaper – I have met so many amazing people in my time there, and I am so proud of all that we have achieved.

So if you’re debating whether to join a society, club, or sports team this year, remember that it will open doors to meeting people you would otherwise have never met, or doing things you never thought possible. New things always seem scary at first, but I promise it will be worth it.  Making the most of your time at university is important, and joining a society will ensure that you make friends, have fun, and really experience university life.

Brig’s GIAG is on Tuesday September 20 in Cottrell 2A9/11 – come along and see if Brig is for you!

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