#SpeakYourMind at Stirling University

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Credit: University of Stirling Students Union

Today (October 30) was the launch of the Speak Your Mind campaign at the University of Stirling.

Working closely with 13 different student unions across the UK, the initiative of this campaign is to encourage people to speak up about mental health in order to breakdown the stigma surrounding it.

University of Stirling Union President, Astrid Smallenbroek, explained, “Basically it’s all about breaking down stigma surrounding mental health and showing students that it’s not something to be ashamed of.

“Mental health affects everyone, whether that’s directly or through someone they know.”

In order for the campaign to be a success it will require as much participation as possible. I asked Astrid who had participated so far, and she said, “The campaign is run by The Union but all of the people who contributed to the campaign by getting their photo taken and giving a quote are current students.

“We tried to get students that are involved with the union from a variety of areas such as sports, education, and clubs and societies to show that mental health is something that affects everyone.”

Credit: University of Stirling Students Union

Coinciding alongside the campaign is a mental health survey called ‘Being well, Doing well’, which is the easiest way for the student population to voice their opinions on how mental health and well-being can be helped by the student union and the university.

The feedback will also be looked at and considered by the University’s Student Support Services so all parties involved can do their best towards improving mental health. An extra incentive to partake in the survey is upon completion you will be entered into a prize draw to win £500 or one of 50 £10 Amazon Vouchers.

As mentioned before participation is imperative to the success of this campaign. Posters are up around campus and the campaign will be posted on social media for the next week. Don’t be afraid to speak out and help break the stigma around mental health.

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