Credit: Amy Beveridge

Stirling marches to Reclaim the Night

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Credit: Amy Beveridge

The people of Stirling and the Forth Valley took to the streets last night to protest sexual violence against women in the annual Reclaim the Night march.

The march, now in its second year, was hosted by the charity Forth Valley Rape Crisis.

The march began at Stirling Castle esplanade car park at 7pm, and the crowds walked through the streets of Stirling with placards, banners, drums and whistles.

The march ended at Stirling Indoor Bowling Club, where there was an afterparty with food, live music and guest speakers.

Credit: Ryan Peteranna

The first Reclaim the Night march was held in Leeds in 1977, when women protested a night-time curfew put in place by police as a response to the Yorkshire Ripper murders. Exactly 40 years later these marches are still being held across the country.

Union president Astrid Smallenbroek was in attendance. She told Brig: “It was fantastic to see so many Stirling students at the Reclaim the Night event. It sends a clear message that Stirling students will not tolerate sexual violence.

“A huge thank you to Forth Valley Rape Crisis for organising the night and their invaluable support for survivors.”

Women’s Equality Officer Rachel Bradshaw also was present, and said: “Reclaim the Night was fantastic, there was a great atmosphere, and everyone enjoyed being there. It was great to see such a big turnout from Stirling students and the wider Stirling community and it was an incredible success.

“The organisation and amount of work that Forth Valley Rape Crisis put into the event was a clear testament to the good work they do. If you have the opportunity to go to this event next year, please do – it’s an amazing experience and movement to be a part of.”

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