Brig talks to Union President candidate Astrid Smallenbroek

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Astrid Smallenbroek is the current Union President and is seeking re-election in the upcoming union elections. So just why is she seeking a second term?

“I am re-running because there is a lot that I have gotten done this year but there is still a lot more that I really want to achieve… I just think its a shame to leave after six months of understanding the role and doing really good work”

Smallenbroek was filled with passion about her role as Union President and wishes for “18 months of good work”.

Her manifesto is once again overflowing with a need to improve the mental well-being of students here at Stirling.

“One of the biggest things that I want to achieve is looking at mental well-being… we’re putting forward a proposal asking for additional funding for the whole of student support services”

With regards to the need of support Smallenbroek explained that “the demand is nowhere near the capacity that they have… what we’ve got in place at the moment just isn’t enough”

“What I really want to do is look at the mental health problem, we shouldn’t let these issues escalate to where you’re in a crisis”

She discussed the idea of educating students on the “warning signs” of mental health issues.

“I’ve been there myself” she admitted.

“A sense of community” and a “space to sit down and relax”, the lack of seating within university has concerned her in her role to date, as she sees students sitting on the floor eating their lunch.

“Making people aware of the resources available to them…seeing a reduction of students in crisis,one of the most frustrating things to see is students struggling” her adoration for students is clear to see.

Smallenbroek clearly has a lot of experience with the role as she is the current union president, “I now have the experience, I know who to contact, I’m really hitting the ground running if I get re-elected”

The foundations for her manifesto have been built and now she believes that it is time to continue the work that she has started.

Talking about the election, the current Union President admits to feeling the nerves as the voting draws closer. The election will take place on Monday 12th and will close on Tuesday 13th at 6:15pm.




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