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Brig talks to VP Education candidate Daniel Wright

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DW Manifesto
Credit: Daniel Wright

So why is Daniel Wright the right choice to be your next Vice President of Education? I caught up with the History and Politics Faculty Officer in the Into building to find out.

When I asked Wright why he chose to run for the position, he spoke of his own time at Stirling University and his experience as Faculty Officer.

“Although I had a rocky start, I have loved my time here at Stirling and I want other students to enjoy the same experience.”

He also added: “Through talking to people across all different divisions, it is clear that there are many problems. Someone needs to do something. I want to and I can make a difference.”

Wright was keen to talk more about his manifesto which he is very proud of. He focused heavily on the lack of study space within on campus.

“Until the campus redevelopment scheme comes into effect, we need to make smarter use of the space we’ve got. There shouldn’t be an empty room if a student needs it.”

Wright advocates opening all the rooms in Cottrell and Pathfoot for students to use. I asked him how he would make students aware that these rooms were available.

“We could use an online system to show availability and we could print timetables to put on the doors, showing when each room is free.”

Wright acknowledges that we are in a mental health crisis but takes a different approach from his opponent, Georgia Laverick, when it comes to tackling the issue.

“I agree that personal tutors should be given training on mental-health but they shouldn’t be the only port of call. They should be part of a wider support network.”

“Through speaking to personal tutors, it is clear that they are very busy people and can be under a lot of pressure at times. It is not full-time job to be counsellors and Student Services are available on campus.”

Wright and his opponent Laverick are both faculty officers of their respective divisions. What other experience can Wright bring to the table, though, which makes him the better choice to be elected?

Credit: Daniel Wright

Aside from being module representative a number of times and sitting on various committees, Wright has been involved in various clubs and societies, namely Air3 Radio.

“Although education is the biggest part of your university experience, there is so much more to take part in. Being part of Air3 has allowed me to get to know a wider cohort of students, and I have made some of my best friends from being part of it.”

Wright is approachable and wants to work to help all students. “I want to help and I am happy to talk to people. Many students will be able to relate to me cause I struggled settling into university life.”

“I am open about the fact that I had a rocky start, but now I love it. I want all students to feel included and feel like they are a part of their education.”

Inclusion is one of the central themes of Wright’s campaign. It is essential that, if elected, he makes all students feel included – for example postgraduate students and 2+2 students, who begin their degree in other establishments before finishing off their degree at Stirling.

“Stirling is not just home to undergraduates. I want all students to feel part of a community.”

How will he make this happen? Wright wants to invite Forth Valley students to lectures on campus, and start consultations with postgraduates to find out what he can do to help.

Wright had a busy day of meetings ahead, but I had one last question to ask.

Why should we vote for you?

His response: “You should vote for me because I have a lot of experience and knowledge to offer to the role. Through my role as faculty officer I have seen problems and I have fixed them.”

“I want to ensure that students are more involved in all aspects of their education. I have loved my time at Stirling but there is always room for improvement: I want students here to have an even better experience than my own.”

Wright believes he is the best man for the job. What will the voters decide, however? Voting opens on March 12 at 9am, and closes on March 13 at 615pm.





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