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10-10-18: BUCS Round-Up

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Congratulations to all the teams who played this week, particularly to all of the tennis teams who didn’t lose a match.

As things currently stand, Stirling are ranked 16th on the BUCS leaderboard, ahead of Nottingham Trent and Sheffield.


Stirling Women’s 1st 3-0 St Andrews 2nd (League)


Stirling Men’s 1st 4-2 Leeds Beckett Men’s 1st (League)

Stirling Men’s 2nd 4-2 St Andrews Men’s 1st (League)

Stirling Men’s 3rd 6 – 0 Dundee Men’s 2nd (Cup)

Stirling Men’s 4th 6 – 0 St Andrews Men’s 5th (Cup)

Stirling Men’s 5th beat Edinburgh Men’s 5th 6-0 (Cup)

Stirling Women’s 1st 4-2  Leeds Beckett Women’s 1st (League)

Stirling Women’s 2nd 5-1 Glasgow Women’s 1st (League)

Stirling Women’s 3rd 5-1 Edinburgh Women’s 1st (League)


Stirling Women’s 1st 69 – 68 Strathclyde Women’s 1st (League)


Stirling Men’s 1st 5 – 4 Strathclyde Men’s 1st (League)


Stirling Men’s 1st 3 – 2 Northumbria Men’s 1st (League)

Stirling Men’s 5th 3 – 2 West of Scotland Men’s 3rd (Plate)


Screen Shot 2018-10-11 at 18.39.12
Credit: Instagram/ stir_waterpolo

Stirling Women’s 1st 24-2 Robert Gordon 1st (League)






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