University celebrates 30 years of Public Relations degree

The University of Stirling is celebrating the anniversary with a series of discussions and debates. Ryan Barclay reports

University of Stirling
Credit: University of Stirling

This week on the 17th October, the University plans to celebrate 30 years of offering a degree in Public Relations.

To highlight the significance of the occasion, there will be a special debate and discussion on the topic led by the University’s very own Dr Jelen Sanchez who said;

“The University was the first in the UK – and one of the first in Europe – to introduce a public relations degree programme. It’s therefore fitting we celebrate our 30th anniversary with an event designed to critically reflect on public relations’ past, present and future directions.”

“Stirling, in particular, had a significant influence on public relations education and research in the UK and beyond. The University is known as the ‘cradle’ of critical public relations scholarship and has, through the years, hosted and brought together world-leading academics, playing a central role in pursuing new directions and shaping the public relations education and research agenda.”

Dr Sanchez will be joined by other key academics from universities such as the London School of Economics and Queen Margaret University who have also contributed a great deal to research and have had a significant impact on the way in which Public Relations is taught to scholars and students alike not just at the University but internationally too.

The discussion will highlight key questions and facts about international relations by focusing on both how and why the University of Stirling gained such high recognition in the field , how international relations has evolved over time and what is the future for Public Relations as a degree and discipline given the current social and politically driven that we live in.

8 comments on “University celebrates 30 years of Public Relations degree

  1. Great article well done


  2. Alison Black

    Well done Ryan great article.


  3. A very informative and concise article Ryan, the first of many I hope. I look forward to hearing or reading all about the upcoming debate. Best of luck to all those involved.


  4. Claire Diamond

    Ryan so very proud of you. Well done on a fabulous article. Keep up the hard work


  5. Love this article really informative here’s to many more from you!..look forward to it.


  6. Great article. Well done Ryan! 🙂


  7. Great piece x first of many. Well done Ryan. Stirling Uni doing what it does best in being a front runner.


  8. Rita Daniels

    Enjoyed your first article in the Brig. Keep up the good work.



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