New First Bus changes improve student routes

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First Bus have announced a wave of public transport improvements coming to the Stirling area, including better bus routes for students.

Additional buses will run between Hillfoots and Stirling University, and improvements to the University Link service are also being made.

In the general Stirling area, the 54 bus will now connect Cowie and the Community Hospital directly, and additional evening services are being added to the 51 service between Cowie and Stirling.

Direct services to the Stirling Care Village and Community Hospital are also being implemented.

Stirling MSP Bruce Crawford has congratulated Cowie Community Council on their effective campaign to improve local bus services.

Crawford contacted First Bus himself to express concern over their lacking performance. After these improvements were announced, he commented: “I am pleased that First Bus have considered these concerns and have implemented changes to existing services.”

He urges people to actually use these services however, as local bus routes have recently seen a general decline. Using the bus at any opportunity “will go a long way in supporting local bus services”, he explains.

The improvements to student links may come in response to service criticism that First Bus has recently received. A service overhaul last September changed and even removed some routes, whilst ticketing changes inconvenienced both students and staff.

Some changes have already been made, such as the UL’s route reversion on campus, and these latest improvements hopefully mark an upward trend.

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