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Union Elections 2019: Who are the candidates?

Who are the people running for positions in the 2019 elections? Find out here.

Credit: Stirling Student Union

The candidate list has been announced for the 2019 Student Union Elections, but if you can’t be bothered scrolling through the union’s website then don’t worry, Brig has you covered.

Here are the candidates for your 2019 elections.

Sabbatical Officers

Let’s start off with the big ones, the 4 paid Sabbatical Officer positions.

Union President

  • Nelson Maxwell Acquah
  • Charlene Grigaitis-Schickler
  • Georgia Laverick
  • Ryan Peteranna
  • Re-open nominations

Vice President Communities

  • Laura Kerr
  • Joshua Muirhead
  • Fraser Raeburn
  • Re-open nominations

Vice President Education

  • Amy Smith
  • Daniel Wright
  • Re-open nominations

Sports President

  • Caitlin Ormiston
  • Gill Thayne
  • Simon Goodman
  • Re-open nominations
Who will be elected? Even Jamie doesn’t know! Credit: Harry Williamson

Part-time Officers

Now for the voluntary part-time officer positions, who sit on the various zone committees run by sabbatical officers.

Media Officer

  • Harry Mitchell
  • Sam Ormiston
  • Martina Rebecca Inchingolo
  • Re-open nominations

Engagement Officer

  • James Douglas
  • Re-open nominations

Non-traditional students Officer

  • Jessie Henderson
  • Re-open nominations

Co-curricular Officer

  • Svea Horn
  • Re-open nominations

Housing Officer

  • Cian Ireland
  • Re-open nominations

International Officer

  • Marie Stadtler
  • Dimitrios Terzis
  • Re-open nominations

Sustainability Officer

  • Hannah Dry
  • Sophie Riederer
  • Re-open nominations

Health and Wellbeing Officer

  • Hope Murray
  • Re-open nominations

Sports Union Communications Officer

  • Rowan Johnston
  • Mathieu Savin
  • Re-open nominations

Sports Union Participation and Engagement Officer

  • Mairi Jones
  • Craig Stephen
  • Re-open nominations

Postgraduate Officer

No candidates have been put forward for this position.

So that’s all the candidates running in this year’s Union Elections, their manifestos are available on the student union website.

BrigĀ will keep you updated on all election news, bringing you manifesto summaries, candidate interviews and coverage of all election events.

Credit: Stirling Student Union

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