Brig talks to Sports President candidate Caitlin Ormiston

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Sports President Caitlin Ormiston is going for gold again as she rejoins the race for the presidency.

Ormiston outlined her pledges to increase the celebration of success for all clubs over the coming year. Working closely with media societies, she has introduced Bleed Green TV which has become a hugely successful part of the Sports Union,”To introduce Bleed Green TV has been absolutely huge, I am so so proud of that and it’s about building on that it’s not about settling. It’s about how the Sports Union can support media societies through that so obviously weekly meetings and coming up with new ideas all the time.” Bleed Green TV has reached over 4000 views on Facebook with each new episode coming out every Thursday evening.

Club development and the reallocation of the sports budget is a  priority to Ormiston as she heads into the election next week, “they are kind of new points that I’m so keen to work on if I was lucky enough to be elected again for another year.”

When thinking of the Sports Union, it’s hard to ignore the Healthy Body Healthy Mind campaign. After such a clear success all over campus, Ormiston is positive that it will continue next year. “I found this campaign to be so important this year I’ve kind of ran with it to get as many people involved as possible so its been quite exciting and hopefully theres some new aspects that have been appealing to more groups of students so it absolutely will be something to carry on.”

“This year I’ve put in so much to make the Sports Union really accessible so I’ve tried to be really friendly and approachable, I’ve been very involved in having an open door policy which sometimes can be difficult but I’d much rather people feel like they can send me a message or come and knock my door have a chat and be able to ask what can we do about this? That’s something that I’m really proud of and I feel like I’ve been able to do. I make sure I’ve been out and about I’ve been very involved in training, fundraisers and present at club activities. I love doing that and I’ve really enjoyed it.”

With the election only days away, Ormiston explained what she hopes to achieve if elected on Tuesday night, “I think it’s really about cementing the changes that we’ve made so that they’re embedded in the sports union. So that no matter who comes into the role of the sports president in the future, that those things are still there and that they’re still able to make a long term impact and those opportunities out-with the union like the links with clubs and societies with the sports union, thats able to stay.”

Voting opens Monday 11th March at 9am.





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