First ever Stirling BoobBall is a success

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The sports hall recently saw wild breasts flying around the room smacking anyone that paused right in the face. This was the scene of UniBoob hosting their first ever dodgeball/charity/boob event, giving all teams full advantage to let their wild side out and get their hands on some boobs for a charitable opportunity.

With two courts taken up in the Sports Hall that were divided by benches, and bibs swapped to each team at the end of a game, it gave immediate nostalgia of being back in primary school dodgeball tournaments. The difference was that the balls were flesh coloured and each one had a distinct nipple on its face. This was the design of Emily Hencher, president of the UniBoob society, working to raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness charity, Coppafeel.

“It was beyond expectations, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and engaged with the message of UniBoob. Everybody was there to actually talk about breast cancer and raise awareness.”

Emma Hencher, UniBoob President

It certainly looked like all teams were enjoying themselves and balancing the competitive spirit equally. With some catching the boob ball right in their hands before diving to the floor for a throw, a few teams had members sent off the side only to be called back in again immediately, it created a high-tension game centred around boobs, raising awareness for the issue at hand – quite literally.

Credit: Stirling Uni Boob Team Facebook

Breaks were provided for each team after a match, bottles of water and fair-trade bananas were supplied by the Green and Blue space. This is an already established relationship with UniBoob, as they have a dedicated ‘bra-bank’ in the atrium where unused bras can be donated to those without access. These mini-breaks were also a great chance for the designated ‘boobie–chasers’ to go and pick up the balls off the side of the court and place them again for the final deciding match.

The game came to an end with a team all dressed in black squaring up against a team all dressed in striped tank tops and shorts. It began with the striped tank tops rushing for the balls and holding all five before the opposition even had a chance to move. There was a back and forth throughout the match with it looking close at a few points, but it came to a head with a standoff of five against one in favour of the striped tank tops. The winners earned themselves first position and the first position prize, ten pounds for each person at Nando’s, while second place got the consolation of five pounds at spoons.

A big thank you from Emily at the end of the match and a group photograph with all the teams for Facebook marked the end of UniBoob’s biggest event yet. Everyone was gifted a small party bag which had promotional material and a boob ping pong ball before going for their after-game cool down. The first ‘dodgeboob’ event was a success for UniBoob.

Credit: Stirling Uni Boob Team Facebook

Once all the teams left the society got a chance for a breather and a chance to reflect on their largest event. Everyone was ecstatic with themselves and pleased on how the games went. On asking if they’ll host one again next year:

 “Everyone was having so much fun and there wasn’t even one parking ticket. It was definitely a lot smoother and so much fun. It was a bit of publicity and a chance to work with the volunteering society”

With the event going great, and it being for a good cause, Stirling University dodgeball competitions can have a lot of wider implications. Make sure you find yourself a team for next year and start practicing now, dodgeboob will be back again for another tournament. You can find out more about how to join the society on the Union website or on their Facebook page.

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