News Union Elections 2019

Brig talks to Union President candidate Nelson Acquah

Nelson Acquah talks to Brig about why he wants to be Union President.

Credit: Brig Newspaper

Why did you decide to run for President?

“I actually decided to run for President because I personally experienced some problems and I had friends who also experienced similar problems.”

“Based on that and based on my past experience in student leadership, I decided to put myself up for election as Union President to help change the focus a bit.”

What unique thing will you bring to the role if elected?

“The experience.  Amongst all of the candidates, I have had interaction with students since my undergraduate days.  I have been an undergraduate, a masters student and I am a currently a Ph.D student.”

“I have been interacting with students over and over and over, and the kind of information that I have come to have and the experience of dealing with students.”

“Having been an undergrad, masters, and Ph.D student I can appreciate the issues from all angles.”

Is there anything else that you would like to say?

“I want to say that being Union President, no doubt it is not an easy job, and we need someone that has the experience, the skill, and the kind of dedication that I bring on board, and with some level of understanding and appreciation of some of the problems and the issues that confronts students.”

“When students are going to elect leaders, they should focus on who understands where they are going, what confronts them and who has more practical solutions to the problems that they encounter.”

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