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Final chapter for university bookstore

The bookstore will close on May 24.

john smith
Credit: Yelp

The on-campus bookshop will close and will be replaced by a pop-up shop and a dedicated online store.

The store will close on May 24, 2019.

The company, John Smith and sons, made the decision to close the store as it was made clear that most students were buying books online instead of buying them in the store.

John Smith’s will maintain a presence on campus at the start of each semester, running a pop-up shop and an all year round online service.

Chairman of John Smith’s groups Peter Gray said:

“It is always sad when we have to close any of our retail stores, especially one where our relationship goes back many years.”

He added: “However we are excited about working with the University in new ways to serve the campus community that better reflect current behaviours and trends and to deliver high levels of student engagement and service to Stirling academics.”

John Smith have said that a member of their staff will act as a “University Partner” and work with the library and the university to ensure that students still benefit from their service.

This action is being taken by John Smith across several UK universities, after the same retail trends of online shopping have been noticed.

Students with any enquiries can contact



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