A new direction for Stirling Underground

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A night out in Stirling can often seem repetitive and overrated. To find something different, you have to look a bit deeper.

Stirling Underground has grown over the past two years into a space that Stirling so desperately needed. With every event selling out within minutes of doors opening, and ticketed events selling out days in advance, the team behind the success have decided to make a change.

On Friday, November 1, SU will host a live event featuring Makeness. He will be playing a solo live performance which is completely different to the usual sounds of the basement in Mediterranèa.

Boab Bain, co-founder of Stirling Underground, said: “Underground started as a means for us to be able to play the music we love to our friends, but since then it had grown into so much more and as such, our own interests and direction has changed as well. We realised that for many people who may enjoy live music there was not much on offer, particularly for a student crowd. So the SU Live event is a means to bring the two mediums of electronic and live music together so that people on both sides of the ‘divide’ can enjoy what they love and maybe be exposed to something new and interesting.”

Credit: Neil Connell, Stirling Underground

Makeness will be joined by several local talents, two of which are the co-founders of SU – Boab Bain and Lee Howell – who will kick things off with a vinyl set. Residents from local label Soul Steak will also be taking to the stage to warm up the crowd before Makeness takes over.

Lee explains: “The story behind us deciding to book Makeness actually started quite some time ago, sometime last year. My mum went to art college with his mum and when I was talking about our events with her she mentioned that Kyle (Makeness) performed live electronic music and had been playing live sets in some impressive venues! I ordered a copy of his album ‘Loud Patterns’ and was instantly taken with his alternative style.”

You will always experience something new at every event that you attend with Stirling Underground, no two nights have ever been the same.

Something that rarely changes however, are the faces you see on the dance floor. The regular crowds bring the atmosphere that make this particular event so successful.

Sam Tait, who has been going to SU since it began said: “Every time I go to Med’ for SU it always feels like a sort of reunion because there’s always people you know. It’s also nice and refreshing because there are always some new faces too. It’s just generally a really happy, friendly and welcoming place full of lovely people. The energy is always incredible and you can never really be in a bad mood because the music, people and energy are always great.”

As time goes on and old students graduate, new students are joining the family to continue its legacy in Stirling.

Lee said: “It’s great to be at a point now where, although our crowd has changed, we have developed enough of a reputation that people trust our bookings whether they are familiar with the artists or not. Consistently selling out our small venue has allowed us to fully embrace our wide ranging taste in underground music by booking artists that have at times surprised us just as much as the crowd. Not everyone will like everything we play but the exposure to new genres and styles is important for us to develop as a night. I think that our first ever live performance from Makeness will highlight that.”

Tickets are available now via the event’s Facebook page.

Featured Image Credit: Stirling Underground / Facebook

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