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Picket lines on campus as lecturer strike begins

Picket lines will take place every morning until Wednesday December 4

STRIKING lecturers gathered at the main entrance of the university in the first of eight days of strike action.

The picket line consisting of staff and students held placards criticising the working conditions for lecturers and their current pension scheme.

They also hosted a student voter registration session and marched from the main entrance to the Logie Lecture Theatre.

Staff have praised the student support shown on the picket line this morning, as student activists and part time union officers were in attendance.

Kathryn Mackay, a social work lecturer praised the student support involvement in the strike, praising them for their “solidarity.”

Labour candidate Mary-Kate Ross protesting the gender pay gap at the picket line this morning. Credit: Red Stirling

Two of Stirling’s parliamentary candidates for the upcoming General Election were in attendance.

Labour’s Mary-Kate Ross and the Green’s Bryan Quinn were both on the picket line. Ross is currently a second year student and Quinn is a Stirling alumni.

Quinn said: “I was a student here and I am appalled by the number of lecturers on temporary contracts.

“Pensions changes and poor conditions are driving many away from careers in education. If doesn’t change education will suffer.”

Picket lines are scheduled to take place every morning till Wednesday, December 4 at the main entrance from 7:30 till 9:30.

Featured image credit: UCU Stirling

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