DHL Turkish GP Qualifying LIVE: Stroll on pole!

Mercedes Drivers been off the pace all weekend so far

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Red flags as new, smooth surface, plus rain, does not mix.
This is Hamilton’s first proper chance to wrap up the title.
Turkey hasn’t seen F1 action since 2011.
Bottas needs to outscore Hamilton by 8 or more points.

Provisional standing subject to various investigations:

I’m gonna have to go, I’ll update the standings after the myriad of investigations to come after Q1.

Don’t miss the race coverage tomorrow, starting at 10am.

Mercedes have taken a pole in every race this year, you could argue they still have as this time it’s the pink version on top.


“YES BOYS! HAHA! LET’S GO! LET’S GO!!!” Stroll bellows down the team radio!

Stroll has provisional pole!

Stroll setting purple sectors

Verstappen has gone into 2nd, but he’s over a second behind Perez.

Perez is flying, absolutely flying, and he has Stroll on the front row with him for now.

Verstappen is spitting mad in that Red Bull as he complains he has “no ******* grip”
He can’t get the inters to work.

5 minutes to go:
The inters are on everyone now. This is Verstappens pole, surely.

First runs done and dusted, both Mercedes are over 4 seconds down, with Perez leading the way.
1 Perez
2 Verstappen
3 Stroll
4 Raikonnen
5 Ricciardo

Right, let’s get this done, I have an esports championship friendly to get to that I’m already late for.
Keep it on the shiny black stuff guys and let’s get a result in 10 minutes!

Q2 Eliminations:

11Lando Norris4McLaren2:07.1671:54.945
12Sebastian Vettel5Ferrari2:03.3561:55.169
13Carlos Sainz Jnr55McLaren2:07.4891:55.410
14Charles Leclerc16Ferrari2:04.4641:56.696
15Pierre Gasly10AlphaTauri2:05.5791:58.556

That’s a realistic gap back to the Ferraris as well…

Well, well, well.
Both Ferraris out. Both customer Alfa Romeo’s through to the top ten shootout.
That’s a kick in the guts for the mighty Italians.

Ferrari really struggling, Vettel currently the fastest red car out there in 12th. about 6 secs off the pace, ouchies.

Max is bossing this qualifying so far, Both Mercedes now 2nd and 3rd, but nearly 2 seconds off of Max.

Both Ferraris are in the drop zone now. not what we expected given Charles pace in the lead up to qualifying this weekend.

Hamilton now 1.6 secs off the pace as Max is into the 1:53’s Hamilton can barely break the 1:54’s

Hamilton is in 7th so far, but he’s 3 seconds off the pace set by Max so far.
He never has a straightforward weekend to take a title, does he?

Q2 is on straight away. everyone except the Mclarens are out on full wets.
Wheelspin is crazy as we follow him onboard, but this lap may be deleted as he couldnt slow it down enough for turn 6 and just went beyond the white line.

Top five from Q1:

1Max Verstappen33Red Bull1:57.485
2Alexander Albon23Red Bull1:59.431
3Kimi Raikkonen7Alfa Romeo2:01.249
4Sebastian Vettel5Ferrari2:03.356
5Charles Leclerc16Ferrari2:04.464

Q1 Eliminations:

16Kevin Magnussen20Haas2:08.007
17Daniil Kvyat26AlphaTauri2:09.070
18George Russell63Williams2:10.017
19Romain Grosjean8Haas2:12.909
20Nicholas Latifi6Williams2:21.611

Hamilton squeezes though by the skin of his teeth, everyone was improving except the the Mercedes but a spin by Kvyatt at turn one, an off by Latifi and Perez not being able to improve either spares the championship leaders blushes.

Max top of the timesheets, both Ferraris safe, for now.

Minus all the drama, how good is this track, should never have lost it from the calander.

Here we go again.
No pressure boys…

Given this was Charles on his run last go out, he is gonna struggle.
If he can improve, and Max can’t then max will be out.

So, with 3:30 left on the clock, Leclerc is gonna need to bang out a good un straight away or he’s out.

Well, that was quick.
Grosjean beached in the gravel brings another red flag out straight away.
Cmon guys 🙁

Session to restart in five minutes.
Thank god for that, let’s go!

The safety car is back out to check on the track again.
Is it just me or does rain affect modern cars more than they used to back in the 90s/00s?

If they want Qualifying to finish today they better make a call soon. The sunset in Istanbul is in two hours. Every minute gone is more light fading that makes it harder and harder to get this completed safely.

I feel ye Renault, I really do.

It’s like watching paint dry, but in this case tarmac.

The track-vac is out now, sucking up all the standing water, yet more delays…

For once, no, that’s not sweat they are drying from the inside of the HAAS helmets.

Still waiting on an update from the FIA for the session starting, the safety car is still roaring round the track checking on the grip available.

I usually don’t give you this till the session is done as it takes so long to format, but we’re all bored for now, so here you go, run-down of the grid, so far.

1Esteban Ocon31Renault2:06.115
2Valtteri Bottas77Mercedes2:07.001
3Lance Stroll18Racing Point2:07.467
4Lewis Hamilton44Mercedes2:07.599
5Sergio Perez11Racing Point2:07.614
6Lando Norris4McLaren2:07.947
7Kevin Magnussen20Haas2:08.007
8Alexander Albon23Red Bull2:08.647
9Daniil Kvyat26AlphaTauri2:09.070
10Kimi Raikkonen7Alfa Romeo2:09.268
11Antonio Giovinazzi99Alfa Romeo2:09.514
12Daniel Ricciardo3Renault2:09.731
13Sebastian Vettel5Ferrari2:09.970
14Carlos Sainz Jnr55McLaren2:10.498
15Max Verstappen33Red Bull2:10.883
16Charles Leclerc16Ferrari2:10.890
17Romain Grosjean8Haas2:12.909
18Pierre Gasly10AlphaTauri2:12.945
19George Russell63Williams2:13.117
20Nicholas Latifi6Williams2:21.611

See told ye, typical Scottish, waiting on the bus weather.

RED FLAG: Session suspended
That’s some amount of commentators curse i have been having this year.

It looks treacherous out there, gently does it with the throttle in the acceleration zones and the cars are threatening to do a switch around at low speeds.
Red flag anyone?

So far Ocon is leading Bottas at the top of the timing sheets, followed by Stroll, Hamilton, and Perez.
At the other end of the grid, it’s the expected. As i say that Magnussen pops up into 7th pushing a pitting Leclerc down into the danger zone.

It looks like a normal day in Scotland in November out in normally sunny Turkey. These late-year european races have really thrown the conditions right out the window this year.

We are underway in Q1 and straight out the gates we have the pace leader half spinning as he came back on the track.
Green walled inters are on the Red Bulls. The Mercedes boys and half the grid are on the wets so far.

It’s been eventful so far this weekend, a weekend that Lewis Hamilton can wrap up his SEVENTH world title, but the race gods have unleashed a tricky track back in the awesome Turkey.

A new surface combined with wet conditions has caused all sorts of trouble for the drivers, as a result, it is Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc that have been keeping control of the top of the timesheets.

Bottas is going to have to pull it out of the bag this weekend and hope Hamilton can’t live with the conditions to take the fight to the next round.

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