Linda Quinn, Stirling Union President at time of 1972 royal protest, dies aged 70

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Linda Quinn, former University of Stirling Union President has died at the age of 70.

In 1972, Linda was the union president at the time of the Royal protest during which the Queen was confronted about campus conditions, while on a visit to the university.

The 400 person rally was in reaction to poor facilities in social areas after it was revealed that £1,200 had been spent on the monarch’s visit.

Disciplinary action was taken against 24 labelled ‘ring-leaders’ and Linda faced expulsion and fought to complete her course.

Linda later became an activist for left-wing and anti-racist activity in Brixton and South London.

She also worked on a variety of publications, including the London Daily News.

Linda Quinn died of a long illness and many health issues, shortly after he 70th birthday in February 2021.

Linda is survived by a husband, Alan Slingsby, and a brother, Billy Quinn.

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