New TimeSplitters game announced as Free Radical Design is resurrected

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Free Radical Design, the studio behind TimeSplitters, is being re­launched to build a fourth entry in the critically acclaimed, cult clas­sic franchise.

The first TimeSplitters game was re­leased back in 2000 as a launch title for the PlaySta­tion 2, with the last entry in the series, Fu­ture Perfect, released in 2005.

The time-jumping first-person shooter games are known for their self-deprecating humour, satirical portrayal of pop culture and their parodying of common clichés found in other forms of entertain­ment.

“You asked and we listened” wrote Deep Silver, the publisher who acquired the series’ intellec­tual property in 2018, in a tweet to fans. It was also announced that David Doak and Steve Ellis, two of the original developers, would be returning to work on the game.

Doak and Ellis, developers who worked on classic titles such as GoldenEye 007 and Perfect Dark at Rare before founding Free Radi­cal, have been tasked with rebuild­ing the Nottingham-based studio before development on the new title begins.

“To finally be able to confirm that the studio has been formed and that we have a plan for the next TimeSplitters game is incred­ible”, commented Ellis.

“While we cannot tell you any­thing more at the moment, we look for­ward to shar­ing informa­tion in the future.”

While this seems to con­firm that the release of the next instalment is still a long way off, fans who have been pa­tiently awaiting their next fix of TimeSplitters may want to check out TimeSplitters: Rewind, a fan-made project currently being built from the ground up to remaster the first three games.

Featured image credit: Free Radical Design / Deep Silver

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