Mother and daughter graduate together from Stirling University

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A mother and daughter are celebrating together as they graduate from the University of Stirling.

Vicki Lawlor, 43, with her daughter Hannah, 21, graduate this week having completed their courses in Management and Primary Teaching, respectively.

Vicki is an Office Manager and a PA who started her part-time degree in 2015 and has worked for the University for twenty years. She did not expect to graduate at the same time as her daughter:

“It is absolute coincidence that we are graduating together. I studied part-time while working, and took a year out at one point, so it has taken me a little longer than Hannah to complete my degree.”

She has expressed her satisfaction with her own accomplishments, as well as conveyed how proud she is of her daughter: “It is a strange sensation to be graduating. While I’m pleased with my own achievement, seeing Hannah graduate makes me feel so incredibly proud of her. It will be an emotional day for lots of reasons.”

Hannah Lawlor (left) and Vicki Lawlor (right) celebrate their graduation from the University of Stirling.
Credit: University of Stirling

They have celebrated by organising a family garden party, but are saddened traditional in-person graduation ceremonies are postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, as announced by the University earlier this year.

Regardless, Hannah reveals how proud their family is of the mother-daughter duo: “It is amazing for my grandparents to be able to see not only their grand-daughter reach this milestone, but their daughter too, and on the same day!”

Vicki adds: “It hasn’t been an easy journey but it has been amazing to have Hannah by my side and to share similar experiences of meeting deadlines and completing assignments.

“We made a good team and cheered each other on, especially during lockdown and towards the end, when we were both frantically finishing our dissertations and didn’t move from the dining room table!”

Featured Image Credit: @StirUni on Twitter

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