Media students to begin production of their first film, The Ferryman

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Both set to graduate in 2022, Kate Stone and Lauren McAngus are very excited to be working on the first film under their new production company Stonefuchs. Founded in April 2021, Stonefuchs Productions is a “passionate, bilingual company ready to conquer the film industry.”

Kate (left) and Lauren (right)

Set in the heart of Glasgow, The Ferryman is an action thriller inspired by ancient Greek mythology – making the story a little different from your average hitman film.

In Greek mythology, The Ferryman (Charon) is a loyal servant of Hades and carries souls of the newly deceased across the river Styx; to the underworld.

Fascinated by such myths since childhood, Kate has placed this character into an entirely different world by bringing the present and long-forgotten past together.

Brig spoke to Kate and Lauren on their plans for the production of this film in the coming weeks.  

“The film is fully cast, and our crew is all sorted as well. We have launched the Indiegogo campaign to crowdfund some money to go towards it.” 

“The short film will be full of details from Greek mythology, and so if you’re a Percy Jackson fan, this is the film for you!”

“This project really is just the start for us and hopefully we can get many more original stories on the screen.”

The pair have a lot of experience in filmmaking.

Kate has written, produced and directed multiple award-winning short films. She moved to Scotland from Germany in 2018 to study at Stirling and having her own production company has been a dream come true.

“I am most excited about seeing this ancient tale come to life in modern Glasgow. It’s like two worlds are clashing. We’ve got brilliant characters, one who is kept entirely secret!”

“It’s just something different and I think people will enjoy that. I am also hoping for some attention from others in the industry so we can justify our place as a professional production company and show the world what we can do. We will submit the film to festivals and share it around as well. It will be available to stream on YouTube.”

Originally from North East Scotland, Lauren has written, directed and edited a handful of her own short films, mostly in the comedy or drama genre. She has a huge interest in the magic that goes on behind the camera.

Credit: Stonefuchs

“The Greek mythology elements allow us to elevate the story to another level, hinting at motivations for our people. Every name has a meaning. This film gives an insight into the darker side of the mythology.”

“This will also be the first bigger production of Stonefuchs and we are hoping to make this special film the flagship of our productions.”

“For that we are making use of high quality sets, lighting and costume, so the viewers can focus on the well-constructed story. Those are our main cost factors, as well as paying the hard-working cast and crew.”

Support Kate and Lauren’s vision by contributing to their crowdfunding campaign or check out their website.

Featured image credit: Stonefuchs

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