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Poetry: Girls in the dark

A poem by Iman Mackenzie.

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This poem contains a depiction of spiking which may be triggering to some of our readers.

Sometimes the world closes over
Leaving the girls in the shadows of manipulation
Standing with our backs against bare walls
Our exposed skin cast in midnight and confusion
We take some steps and then we fall
There is no way to know what is happening
Only distortion, incomprehension, and exasperation
No time to mourn our innocence
As we wait for the new day to be born
Again so we hold tight against the unknown
Hands over our cups, eyes on each other’s backs
We have to stay in wait to have our say
For our worlds to unfold victoriously
Bruises painted across our bodies, minds like kaleidoscopes
Waiting for the price of protection to be paid
Until we fray at the edges, sick of being put on display
The girls consume the black until it unfolds again
And with every passing hour
The tax for your entitlement remains unpaid

Spiking is a highly unethical and illegal practice in which a person consumes or is injected with drugs without their knowledge or consent. As cases continue to appear in and around Stirling, we at Brig urge our readers to be vigilant. Never leave your drinks unattended, do not accept drinks from strangers and stay with your trusted friends on nights out.

If you believe that you or a friend may have been spiked, alert a trusted person and make your way to a safe space. Stay with and talk to them. Alert the venue and police as soon as possible, and call an ambulance at 999 if their condition deteriorates.

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