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Pokémon Legends: Arceus Review

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Gotta catch them all!

Who remembers the first time they laid eyes on Pikachu, the cute mouse mascot of the Pokémon world? The little yellow electric type stole our hearts with its lighting tale, rosy cheeks, and the sound of its voice. 

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I remember the first time I got the Gameboy Advance and started playing Pokémon Emerald. I think I was eight years old at that time, and I couldn’t get past the man in Littleroot town because I had no idea where to find the professor. 

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However, once I got the hang of it, my heart and mind became obsessed with the world of Pokémon and I am not ashamed to say I am still, in fact, obsessed with it, just like many of you. 

Similarly, the moment the word came out of the upcoming game, Pokémon: Legends Arceus; anticipation and excitement filled my heart with ongoing expectations of a game that may change the Pokémon universe forever. 

Every trailer, every snippet promised a new universe where Pokémon roamed free, each carrying they’re on personality and stats in the Hisui Region, based on Japan. 

The trailer promised a semi open world, where catching Pokémon would be the main object of the game to complete the first Poke-dex in the Pokémon world. 

However, game freak could have done a lot more with this game. The opening of the game seemed unbelievable, especially regarding graphics. Some may argue the graphics are poorly made, comparing it to the other games that will soon be coming out.  However, for a Pokémon game, the graphics were brilliant.

The landscape and the night sky brought joy to my heart, yet the storyline could have been more interactive, and more action-packed. The gameplay itself is something that you would always dream about as a Pokémon fan, but it did not live up to my expectations. I think that Game Freak could have done way more, in terms of gameplay and storyline. The lack of towns surely made a difference to my judgement of the game. Not being able to explore the region freely was something Game Freak should have thought about when creating this game. 

The Pokémon universe was usually all about exploring different landscapes without any loading screen. However, the new NCP that allows you to teleport to the similar wild area that we witnessed in Pokémon Sword & Shield, made me a little disappointed because running around in routes did not exist anymore and that was arguably my favourite part.

However, I do not miss battling pesky trainers and being caught in the grass by invisible Pokémon. Being able to ride Pokémon, reminds me of ‘Breath of the Wild’ but apart from that, the only thing that is truly worth buying the game for is the new mechanics, when it comes to battling and capturing Pokémon. 

In conclusion, I would say the Pokémon game is something worth trying and beautifully made, however, don’t expect much out of it, you can truly see Game Freak has tried a different approach to the game, yet not to its full potential. However, I do hope you enjoy the game and liked my non-spoiler article.

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