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New Stirling café fights food waste

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New takeaway coffee shop, Café Sixty Four, opened on Upper Craig’s earlier this month.

Owner Keshara Staff is committed to the business being as environmentally friendly as possible.

To prevent food wastage, the café has now joined the Too Good To Go app.

“Obviously you want to have good availability, as a business you want to be able to provide lots of different choice,” Keshara told Brig.

“Now more than ever it’s really, really hard to predict what’s going to sell.”

Inside the new takeaway. Credit: Freya Deyell

Too Good to Go allows businesses to sell any leftover food at a reduced price that otherwise would have been thrown out at the end of the day.

“The customer will download the app, it’s free to download, and they’ll pick a Magic Bag,” Keshara explains.

“Our bags have a £9 value […] inside that bag there has to be a minimum of nine pound’s worth of food. And they pay £3 for that.

“There’s nothing wrong with that food at all. It’s just because it’s a best before date, we can no longer sell it.”

Since joining Too Good To Go on Thursday, Café Sixty Four has saved 12 meals from being thrown away.

Keshara hopes to soon have outdoor seating. Credit: Freya Deyell

A visit to the takeaway is a must for the environmentally conscious.

Much of their furniture and equipment were saved from being thrown out, as well as all of their takeaway packaging being recyclable.

A wide variety of sweet and savoury food is available daily, as well as freshly brewed speciality coffee.

The café caters well for a variety of dietary requirements and allergen information is clearly displayed, with half of the menu being vegan.

The small café boasts a generous menu. Credit: Freya Deyell

They also offer a 10% student discount.

Café Sixty Four is open Monday to Saturday from 7.00a.m. to 3.00p.m. and on Sunday from 9.00a.m. to 2.00p.m.

Featured Image Credit: Freya Deyell

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