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The University of Stirling has announced that car parking charges will resume on Tuesday 1 March, after having implemented a new ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) system.

The ANPR cameras are located at the front and rear of campus and will capture number plates when arriving and leaving campus.

A spokesperson from the University said: “Car parking charges on campus will resume from March 1, 2022, having been paused during the pandemic.

The management of car parking is essential to ensure a safe and accessible environment for all campus users – helping to mitigate congestion and prevent inappropriate parking.”

First Parking will be issuing private parking notices on behalf of the University for non-payment of parking if the following requirements are not adhered to:

  • If you have not purchased a valid permit.
  • If you have not paid for car parking in conjunction with the pay as you go permit conditions.
  • If you have not paid the pay to park daily charge.

The statement on the University website declares:

If you have a council issued Blue Badge you will be invited to apply for a permit and you will need to scan a copy of the front and back of the blue badge. This will mean that your vehicle will be added as having a valid permit as well as registered as having a blue badge and therefore the permit will be free of charge.

The following costs for permits will come into effect on Tuesday 1 March and will be valid until August 2022 – Student Standard will be £107.52, Double Semester and Residential £53.76, Pay as you Go £5 (for 2022 only) and Blue Badge holders free of charge.

The announcement from the University said:

For the remainder of this year, we have reduced the cost of the PAYG permit cost to £5 (for the 2022 session, up to and including 31st August 2022) plus the parking tariff of £2 per day by using the ‘RingGo’ application, searching for and selecting the location code “24019”. The £5 permit cost is payable at application by debit or credit card.

On successful payment, you will receive an email to confirm that your application has been successful. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please email the car parking office and the car parking team will look into your application. 

Applications for permits will open shortly and can be accessed via student portals.

The University told Brig: “Charges are reviewed annually and revenue helps pay for administration of the system and maintenance of car parks, as well as funding initiatives to encourage alternative, more sustainable travel to and from campus.

“Students can also benefit from the new Young Persons’ (under 22s) free bus travel scheme from Transport Scotland.”

More information on University car parking can be found here: Car Parking FAQ | Estates and Campus Services | University of Stirling

Feature image credit: Photo by Hannah McNicol

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