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RuPaul’s Drag Race UK vs The World – Weekly Recap: Week 3

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After saying goodbye to the UK’s own Cheryl Hole last week, the Queens have untucked and are back in the werk room for an exhilarating new week. This week, the judges joining RuPaul and Michelle Visage were the hilarious Graham Norton and the handsome star of Bridgerton, Jonathan Bailey.

Within the first few minutes of the show, Blu Hydrangea expressed how devastated she was about Cheryl’s departure due to the pair being so close.

Jimbo then revealed that had she somehow won last weeks lip-sync, she had chosen to send Jujubee home. This came as a shock to Juju, who thought that Jimbo had made an alliance with her in their pre-lipsync conversation. Jimbo tried to fix the situation, laughing it off as a last-minute decision due to Juju’s possibility of beating her in the competition. The other Queen’s then deemed Jimbo the shady one and voiced their lack of trust in her. After the Queen’s moved on from the topic, Jimbo proceeded to tell best friend Baga Chipz that their alliance was the real one.

There was an announcement from Monique Heart, who informed the Queens that she would like to go by Mo Heart from now on due to her goal of being seen as a “genderless entertainer”.

Ru entered the werk room and opened the library for the “Reading is Fundamental” mini-challenge. The Queen’s fired out shade like no tomorrow in this challenge, with Pangina and Juju being hilariously savage and Mo and Jimbo being seriously unfunny. Jujubee walked away as the winner of this mini-challenge, earning the privilege to pick roles in Juju’s first Rusical maxi-challenge, ‘West End Wendy’s: The Comeback’.

Credit: @dragraceukbbc on Twitter

The Rusical reality show West End Wendy’s: The Comeback would see the Queens adopt roles of legendary musical stars such as the jazzy Lally Bowelz, Widdle Orphan Fannie, recycling vegan Tracey Fatberg, horny nun Mariah Gon Trappy, Mamma Mia’s Meryl Streep, Dorothy’s best friend Dodo the Dog and born again virgin Dr Spank-n-Spurter.

After the mini-challenge, Juju tried to be as fair as possible when assigning roles, asking each Queen which parts they would prefer. Unfortunately, most of the Queens, including Juju and Baga, wanted the role of Lally Bowelz (a take on Liza Minnelli’s Cabaret character Sally Bowles). 

Since everyone wanted the part of Lally, Juju assigned it to herself so that it was fair, much to the distaste of Baga, who kept bringing it up every two seconds. Baga kept complaining that she was given the last choice and that she hated the role she ended up with, which was Tracey Fatberg. This led to Mo calling her a “spoilt brat”. 

Baga insisted she got the last pick of the roles – Image Credit: @dragraceukbbc on Twitter.

The roles were assigned as follows, Jujubee as Lally Bowelz, Pangina as Widdle Orphan Fannie, Baga as Tracey Fatberg, Blu as Mariah Gon Trappy, Janey as Meryl Streep, Jimbo as Dodo the Dog and Mo as Dr Spank-n-Spurter.

The Queens were then taken to choreography with Strictly Come Dancing‘s Johannes Radebe. During this, Pangina was naturally picking up each move thrown at her. Some queens were told they still had a lot of work to do before the final show, with Juju being put under pressure due to everyone wanting the role she assigned herself. Jimbo suddenly had a neck injury just before choreography, leading Mo to question, “is it strategy?”. In the werk room the next day, Jimbo’s neck is abruptly fine again.

In the main show, most of the Queens nailed their parts in the Rusical. Pangina killed her role as Widdle Orphan Fannie as most of us expected she would. Baga pulled it out of the bag(a) with her performance, considering how much work she needed to do during rehearsals. Considering everyone wanted the role of Lally Bowelz, Juju let herself down and didn’t quite nail her portrayal of Liza. Jimbo, as predicted, was stiff as a pole while performing her song. The only thing that saved her was her costume and makeup. 

On the runway, the category was ‘Dot Dot Dot’. The Queens sported their best Polkadot outfits, it was safe to say some were much better than others. Personally, Blu’s outfit stood out the most, while Juju’s looked tacky and cheap. 

The top two of the week were reigning Rupeter badge winners Pangina and Janey. The bottoms of the week were Jujubee and Jimbo, a fall from grace for Jimbo. 

Janey and Pangina prepared for the lip sync by speaking to the bottom Queens. Juju promised that she hadn’t lost her fight, and Jimbo broke down, pleading for them to keep her in the competition. 

The top Queens performed an incredible lip-sync to “We Like To Party! (The Vengabus)” by Vengaboys. After a close call, Pangina was declared the winner of the lip-sync, earning her another badge. 

Pangina then revealed that the Queen she had chosen to send home was Jimbo; this shocked Jimbo, who started crying while saying her goodbyes. On her way out, Jimbo also took the time to call Pangina a “stupid idiot” on her mirror message back in the werk room. Something that will indeed cause a stir next week on RuPaul’s Drag Race UK vs The World. 

Feature image credit: @dragraceukBBC3 on Twitter

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BA (Hons) Film, Media and Journalism graduate. Freelance Journalist for Brig Newspaper and Entertainment Daily. Head of Social Media for Brig Newspaper.
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BA (Hons) Film, Media and Journalism graduate. Freelance Journalist for Brig Newspaper and Entertainment Daily. Head of Social Media for Brig Newspaper.
Passionate about diversity, inclusion and representation.

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