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RuPaul’s Drag Race UK vs The World – Weekly Recap: Week 4

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After last week’s elimination of Canada’s last remaining Queen Jimbo, the remaining six Queens are back to battle for another week. This week, joining RuPaul and Michelle Visage on the judging panel are actress Michelle Keegan (BBC1’s Our Girl, and Sky One’s Brassic), and television and radio presenter Clara Amfo (BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge).

Entering the werk room after Jimbo’s elimination, the mirror memo was the first thing the Queen’s noticed. Blu Hydrangea pointed out that Jimbo had read Pangina “from beyond the grave“. Jimbo’s closest confidant, Baga Chipz, stated that she felt like she had her “heart ripped out“, she also felt that Pangina used strategy when picking who to eliminate due to Jimbo being in the top two for the first two weeks.

After eliminating both Canadian Queens, Pangina joked about not being able to visit Canada again – Image Credit: @dragraceukbbc on Twitter

Janey revealed that she had chosen Jujubee’s lipstick when chatting after the elimination. This reveal showed that Juju needed to step up in the competition after being in the bottom two weeks in a row. The Queen’s also made the joke that “no one was safe, except Blu“, poking fun at the fact that Blu has been safe every week so far.

This week’s maxi challenge is the long-anticipated Snatch Game; however, this year, it comes with a twist. The Queens will have to team up for ‘Snatch Game: Family Edition‘, where they will compete as two feuding families along with family leaders Michelle Visage and Katie Price, media personality and former glamour model.

Pangina expressed that she was nervous as this was her first-ever Snatch Game, having never competed before. Being the winner of last week’s lip-sync, Pangina got to pick her first teammate foremost, with Janey doing so after. The teams were picked as follows, Pangina, Baga and Juju, then Janey, Mo and Blu.

On Pangina’s team, Pangina chose to portray Mariah Carey, Baga Chipz decided to perform as Kathy Bates as her character Annie from the movie Misery, and Jujubee chose to take on the somewhat overdone personality of Cher. This group of Queens were competing with Katie Price as the Price Family.

On Janey’s team, Janey chose to be James Charles after originally writing him off due to his recent controversies, and Mo decided to act as Billy Porter in his role as Pray Tell from the TV series Pose. Finally, Blu decided to go for the risky choice of portraying Mike Myers. This group then competed as part of the Visage family with Michelle Visage.

The Queens portraying their characters on Snatch Game – Image Credit: @dragraceukbbc on Twitter

During the challenge, Baga and Blu knocked it out of the park with their acting and comedy, with Baga going over the top and Blu doing a cracking impression of Austin Powers, even changing costumes halfway to play Dr Evil. Unfortunately, the same couldn’t be said for Janey and Pangina, who played safe and were not very funny at all. Juju and Mo were also Queens who played it safe, having some comedy moments, but not enough to help them reach the top.

After the maxi challenge, the Queens returned to the werk room to prepare for this week’s runway. While in the werk room, they had a heart to heart about cancel culture, comedy and wokeness, and the impact it has had on their careers as entertainers.

On the runway, the category was “Luck Be a Lady”. After the Queens stunned on the runway with their most glamorous luck inspired outfits, RuPaul announced the tops and bottoms of the week. 

This week, the tops were Baga Chipz, who killed it in Snatch Game with the performance as Kathy bates, along with Blu Hydrangea, who revived overdone characters from Austin Powers and made them hilarious again.

There was no bottom two in a turn of events; instead, a bottom four. Mo, Janey, Pangina, and Juju were startled at the news. RuPaul stated that “if you’re not in the top, you’re in the bottom” at this point in the competition. 

Blu and Baga took each Queen aside to discuss why they shouldn’t send each of them home. Blu admitted to Pangina that it was tempting to put her out because it was a strategic move. However, Pangina pleaded to be saved. Mo and Blu formed an unlikely alliance, considering the beef brought up at the start of the series, while Baga told Juju to her face that she was keeping her in the competition.

Back on stage, top Queens Baga and Blu lip-synced for the badge to ‘Let it Go’ by Alexandra Burke. Blu delivered a high energy performance while Baga stumbled around like a mum in a pub. 

RuPaul crowned Blu the winner of this week and asked her to reveal who she had given the chop.

In a jaw-dropping elimination, Blu revealed that she was sending previous top Queen Pangina packing. In possibly the most heartbreaking exit in Drag Race history, Pangina left the stage sobbing uncontrollably, leaving Blu looking torn about her decision and the rest of the Queens and Judges astonished.

RuPaul’s Drag Race UK vs The World is back next Tuesday at 9pm on BBC3. Catch up with this week’s episode on IPlayer.

Feature image credit: @dragraceukBBC3 on Twitter

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BA (Hons) Film, Media and Journalism graduate. Freelance Journalist for Brig Newspaper and Entertainment Daily. Head of Social Media for Brig Newspaper.
Passionate about diversity, inclusion and representation.

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