Braw’s Guide to Surviving Freshers

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Fresher’s Week is one of the most exciting yet nerve racking experiences in university life. You are presented with all choices, opportunities, and people all at once. It is easy to get overwhelmed, shut your dorm door and not come out. However, everyone is feeling the exact same way, and at its heart, Freshers is a time for you to find your footing in university life.  

So Braw has compiled a list of Do’s and Don’ts to help your Freshers time go as smoothly as possible. 


1. Try everything 

Freshers is the best time to try something new, as you can learn a new skill or make new friends. The university has a wide range of clubs and societies available for all students to join at any point of the year. During Fresher’s week, clubs and societies offer free ‘Give It a Go’ sessions, so make sure to take advantage of this and try as many as you like! 

 2. Stay protected from Freshers’ flu 

Raid your mum’s medicine cabinet before you leave for university. Even if it is paracetamol, nose spray or cough sweets – take it all. Fresher’s flu is not your common cold, it is the worst cold of your life on acid. No one knows what it is or where it comes from; all we know is, if you do not want to be stuck in your bed while your friends hit the town, listen to your mum and look after yourself. 

3. Engage in your course’s group-chats

The best way to make friends with like-minded people is to look for people on your course. These people are essential in your life, you’ll always need a study buddy and someone you can vent to about the 1,500-word essays you have to write; your course group chat is the best place for it. 


1. Do not ever rely on FirstBus. Especially not on the app. 

I promise you that you’ll have never experienced a fresh hell like waiting for the UL that will never show up. Stirling has many good points, but bus travel is not one. We have fancy apps and timetables, but save yourself the data – do not touch it. It rarely works, it is always late. Save yourself the hassle and invest in a pair of walking boots. 

2. Don’t spend your whole month’s budget at once 

It is exciting when your bank account goes from nothing to ‘SAASmas’, but it is important that you grasp the idea of budgeting early. Even if you have a wee list of essentials, you track your spending, or download apps like Monzo, which helps you separate money into different folders.  

3. Don’t commit flat-cest 

Now, it might be exciting if you first get to university and you are in complete control. However, this is the best advice. You do not want the one awkward moment you regret lingering around every time you go to make a cuppa.

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