Stirling University accommodations to get their own housing representatives

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Stirling Students’ Union is set to appoint 15 housing representatives – one for each of the 13 accommodation buildings and two for private lets.

The role is part of the Students’ Union new project named ‘Housing Forum’, where students can lead discussion about both private and university accommodation.

The Union is looking for volunteers to represent the students in their accommodation, raising concerns on their behalf, organising events, and shaping the Union’s housing policy.

The applications are now open and accessible through the Union’s website, and the representatives will be selected by October 10.

As part of their housing initiative, the Students’ Union will also be launching a student support space on their website, where students can learn about their tenant rights.

The Housing Forum plans to meet twice a semester, with the next meeting being planned for November 2.

Featured Image Credit: University of Stirling

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