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Nana Mensah as Sarah in "Queen of Glory"

‘Queen Of Glory’ Screening at Macrobert Arts Centre

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The University of Stirling’s African and Caribbean Society (ACS) will co-host a screening of Queen of Glory at Macrobert Arts Centre on October 17 at 7:30pm.

The ACS will provide an introduction to the film with complimentary Ghanaian food provided after the screening.

Queen of Glory follows Sarah, the child of Ghanaian immigrants and an Ivy League student. When her mother dies and leaves her a Christian bookstore, Sarah must choose between following her married boyfriend to Ohio or staying to confront her familial responsibilities.

Writer and director Nana Mensah also stars in the film. Mensch drew from real life for Queen of Glory, using her actual parent’s Christian bookshop as the setting and casting family members in supporting roles.

Heralded as a story of grief for immigrant daughters, Queen of Glory is a deeply personal story for Mensah.

Speaking to Screen Slam at Tribeca Film Festival 2021, Mensah spoke about the journey of making Queen of Glory:

“It all came to fruition from necessity…I started out as an actor, and I got to New York and I wanted to do off-Broadway theatre making 5 dollars and fifty cents a week. But I realised that even those jobs were very competitive with people who worked in film and television…

“I had seen Lena Dunham and Issa Rae – women who had taken the bull by the horns and shot their own stories, told their own stories and were given creative licence after that so I was inspired by their paths.”


Community Venue and Film Manager at Macrobert, Frida Runnkvist told Brig more about this special screened event:

“This is a special one-off event co-hosted by the Stirling University African and Caribbean Society, who will introduce the film.

 “After the screening, we will enjoy some complimentary Ghanaian food together and have a chat about the film.

 “Queen of Glory is the directorial debut of Nana Mensah, who also writes and stars in this award-winning film. It’s a real gem, and it’s going to be a lovely evening filled with film, chat and delicious food.”

Tickets at Macrobert follow a pay-what-you-can system ranging from £4.50, £6.50 and £8.50.

Tickets are still available at Macrobertartscentre.org

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