Take Me Out: The Unknown Erogenous Zones That You Need To Stop Ignoring

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Unfortunately, we aren’t taught how to experience sexual pleasure with ourself or our partner(s), or even about the wonders of erogenous zones. If you’re trying to get tips and tricks from porn, save your partner the pain and yourself the embarrassment and just, don’t. Porn is performative. Taking sex tips from porn is like getting advice from Meryl Streep on how to run a hotel in Greece.

Whoever was responsible for the creation of the human body must have known how stressful life is, because the body has built in little pleasure sensors (called erogenous zones). Now, we all know the obvious ones are genitals and nipples, but unfortunately, some of the other sensors are not that well known.

However, these unknown erogenous zones provide the greatest pleasure even if they might sound a bit strange. Something that works for you might not work for someone else but as long as everybody is consenting and comfortable, it can fun to explore.

1. Knees

Now, I know what you’re thinking: we all heard that rumour around school about that one girl who got turned on when someone brushed against her knee. Well… that rumour is probably true. A lot of us see certain parts of the body as purely functional and wouldn’t even think to consider them as a pleasure centre, and the knee is one of them.

The back of the knee can be one of the sensitive spots on the body as the skin is at its thinest and so your nerve endings become more sensitive. Next time you’re teasing your partner(s), try tickling or grazing the back of their knee with your finger tips and watch them squirm.

However, don’t leave those knee caps out! The area itself is tougher in skin texture but this allows you to apply the pressure. Try grazing your teeth or nails along the area as you are stimulating the nerve ending as well as releasing tensions in the muscles.

2. Collarbone

The collarbone and clavicle area are extremely responsive to touch, especially the shallow indents above the collarbone as they are considered acupressure points that help the body relax.

Due to the area being very close to the neck, its strongly advised you make a point to have an open dialogue with your partner(s) surrounding this area, as pleasure is personal and what works for someone might not work for someone else.

Collarbones can responds well to light to moderate pressure, you can stimulate the area by kissing and slowly apply more pressure at your partner(s) wish to create a heightened level of arousal.

Image Credit: Dribble / Alina Petrichyn

3. Armpits

Wait a second, don’t click off the article just yet. I’m not messing with you, this one is backed up by science and come on now, you can’t argue with science.

The idea of incorporating your armpits into pleasure might seem pretty strange or off putting, but when you actually think about it, it does make sense. The armpits produce sweat which is just a mixture of pheromones – commonly termed “the love hormones – escaping from the body. These hormones are connected to sexual attraction, however, when stimulated by tickling or licking (if you’re brave), it can awaken a powerful erogenous zone.

It’s understandable if this grosses you out. However, as long as you give your underarms a good wash with some water and non-scented soap, you’re on to a winner.

4. Inner Thighs

You would think this would be quite obvious. However, the majority of people skip this sensitive erogenous zone and go straight to the “main event” (which is a massive mistake).

The inner thighs are one of the most sensitive areas of the body. It is filled with little nerve endings that are extremely sensitive to the touch and are perfect to arouse or tease your partner(s).

However, a gentle touch is vital, because while grazing or kissing the inner thighs excite the nerve endings, pleasure can turn into pain very quickly, but as long all parties involved are into it and informed about, then that’s great. If not, please be mindful because this area can be easily bruised and marked, which can be quite triggering and painful for some people.

5. Ears

The ears are another erogenous zone you don’t usually hear about. They’re a powerful pleasure zone for two reasons: one, because they are full of nerve endings that are very close to the surface of the skin and two, because the ears’ main function is spatial awareness. Therefore in a sexual context where your partner(s) are in a close proximity to each other it can cause a high level of arousal for the body.

You can stimulate the ears through light touch or kissing. However, this is the only body part you can stimulate hands free by using your voice as the louder or more authentic you are, the more aroused your partner(s) can become.

Don’t be discouraged if these areas don’t work for you. You aren’t broken; there is nothing wrong with you. All bodies are different and therefore respond differently. As you would with your partner, have an open dialogue with yourself and don’t be scared to explore your body outside what society deems as the norm.

Featured Image Credit: Healthline

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