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I’m glad I have an air fryer – here’s why

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The past few years have seen the air fryer become the cool new thing on the kitchen counter. They have been flying off the shelves, as we sought different ways of cooking during lockdowns, and as a way to reduce energy costs this winter. But that’s not the only reason for why I love it.

Whilst the air fryer isn’t really that different from a fan oven, it has opened a world of possibilities. I’m not a fussy eater and I enjoy regular cooking, but I sometimes struggle when deciding what new thing to have for lunch, dinner, or even an afternoon snack.

It is as if Instagram knew my toil – not long after my first experiments with the new kitchen gadget, I was being served plenty of bitesize recipes to try out. The simplicity of the air fryer allows people to show off their creations in a 10-second format and keep it easy to follow. I’ve discovered delights such as peri-peri bagel bites, sticky chicken, and courgette fries, but there’s something for everyone.

Feel like having a lazy Sunday morning? Don’t worry, you can still treat yourself. The air fryer can do much of the work for cooking a full breakfast, all without using much oil.

It is proving a great gateway to trying new flavour combinations without spending too much effort or time if they fail, which it rarely ever does. It also helps eliminate the guilt of running the bigger oven, for what is usually a smaller portion.

Whilst the air fryer does have some cooking limitations, it is definitely worth taking notice of. I’ve found it to be a wonderful tool for small, quick but still tasty meals – perfect for a student. The extra benefits of energy efficiency make the air fryer look like a trend with staying power, influencing cooking habits and food culture for years to come.

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