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Every Stirling Uni hot chocolate, ranked

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For any Stirling students with a social media presence, these guest writers require no introduction. The Stirling University Hot Chocolate Reviewers have over 300 followers on Instagram, and they have been entertaining us with their wit since March 2022. Brig is excited to share this exclusive piece by the mysterious reviewers.

The last time we ranked the university’s hot chocolates was back during the end of the last spring semester in May. Since then, however, both our personal opinions have changed and the team we have reviewing hot chocolates has drastically shifted, meaning that our perspective on the hot chocolates around the university has also shifted. We will start with our least favourite and move through the different outlets until we reach our favourite.

4. Refresh

Refresh is a location we have only reviewed once and judging by our first impressions, it isn’t a place we will be eager to return to. This was very bland, barely stirred and was essentially just warm milk at the end of the day. We certainly hope that they have improved before we make a future trip back here.

3. Scran

Scran isn’t bad, it’s just incredibly inconsistent. Some days you get a 10/10, other days you receive boiling brown water. In the past, our chief reviewer speculated that it depended on who made the hot chocolate, though they then proceeded to prove that this was not the case. It would appear that something out of anyone’s power determines the quality of the hot chocolate here, and we are as fearful of it as many people seem to be of the Scran hot chocolate. On a good day these are full of flavour, sprinkled with cocoa powder and fairly enjoyable.

2. Macrobert’s Theatre

Macrobert’s used to be the highest ranked hot chocolate in our ranking, though we recently felt as if they dropped off in quality. We aren’t sure what happened, but they are still far more consistently good than other outlets. Their flavour is very distinct, they’re very milky and they normally always come with a good amount of warmth.

1. Underground

Underground has now gone up by one in our ranking, as they have both improved and stayed more consistent than the other two outlets over the past few months. They usually put cream on top of theirs and this overall adds a kind of luxuriousness to their hot chocolate. The flavour is unmistakeably chocolate, and despite a few small blips and them once receiving the lowest ever score we’ve given out, they still do probably the best job on campus.

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