Americans Liberated From The Oppressive Threat of Socialism By 328 Members Of Its Upper Class

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The House of Representatives in the USA recently passed a symbolic resolution which condemns “socialism in all forms”, citing authoritarian states such as the Soviet Union and North Korea as reasons to oppose “the horrors of socialism”. 

In one of the most capitalist (and wealthiest) countries in the world, this can’t come as a shock. Every single voting member of the Republican Party, who has recently taken control of the House, voted for the resolution. In contrast, only 109 Democrats backed the resolution, with 86, including self-described “democratic socialist” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, opposing it, exposing a fragmentation within the supposedly “left-leaning” party of America. 

The bill claims that socialism is an ideology that opposes what the United States of America was built on. According to the bill, the USA was “founded on the belief in the sanctity of the individual, to which the collectivistic system of socialism in all of its forms is fundamentally and necessarily opposed.” Strange, because history shows that the great United States of America was created through genocide and slave labour, neither of which seem to value the sanctity of any individuals who weren’t wealthy white men. 

Maria Elvira Salazar, the Republican Congresswoman for Florida who introduced the resolution, claims that it is “the best resolution that has ever been presented before the United States Congress,” and that America’s young people are being “penetrated by this ideology through media and academia.”

America, specifically its right-wing, seems to have an issue when it comes to correctly defining what socialism is, as post-Red Scare, socialism seems to have become a buzzword, a connotation of “oppression”. As a result, by denouncing socialism “in all forms”, they have denounced the ideology that has provided them with social security, worker’s rights such as the five-day workweek, and food stamps for those living under the poverty line. Well, when I say socialism provided “them” with this, I’m referring to US citizens, specifically those who live in poverty. The poverty line for a family of four in the US is $27,750 per year. The salary of a Congressperson in the House of Representatives is $174,000 per annum. Simply put, the House has just denounced an ideology that doesn’t benefit them.  

But that’s completely irrelevant! The United States Congress is made up of the sincerest and most honest people in America, just ask George Santos. This noble action will spare the American people of being indoctrinated with a capitalism-threatening ideology that values the “general population’s wellbeing” over what makes America the greatest nation on earth: its national wallet. Any cynical suggestion that this group of individuals who earn $174,000 per year whilst the national child poverty rate sits at 16.9%, could be acting in its own self-interest, is an anti-American, communist, Marx-loving conspiracy theory.  

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