Drug Testing Kits now available at the Student Union

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Drug testing kits, designed to test whether the drugs people take are safe, are now freely available for students at the Student Union. 

The kits come as the result of a campaign run by Stirling’s branch of the Scottish Socialist Youth (SSY), the Help Not Harm Campaign. The campaign’s aim is to advocate for the acceptance that young people use drugs, and instead of punishing individuals, the university, and society as a whole, should focus on keeping those who use drugs safe. In line with this, the campaign has also provided anti-spiking devices and drug safety information booklets. 

The kits are completely free, and are to be used to make sure that people’s drugs are clean and safe to use. If you attempted to get access to these tests before and they haven’t been available, the Union will have contacted you if they have your details. They will also be putting out a video on social media to inform students about the tests being available. 

Andy Paterson, who currently leads the campaign, has sent a petition to the Scottish Parliament regarding the testing kits. In a statement he said: “The petition is going to Holyrood and it would require the Scottish Government to fund and supply every building in Scotland with public access to provide drug testing kits.”

The tests can be found at the Student Union, next to the condoms.

Featured Image Credit: Scottish Socialist Youth (SSY)

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