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Modern-Day Mystery Man

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Some will call this crazy; some might find it endearing, and some will find it make-believe. With dating, even finding love in the little moments can last forever. One regular pub night that I cannot get out of my brain. We’re in this same pub I always visit, with this American theme and pool tables that feel out of place. The smell of thick beer and sweat. Even though it’s a bit strange, it’s the best you’ll get around this small town. I introduce myself to the table, caught off guard by your confidence. It is a Monday night pub quiz, and I can barely even look at the questions. All I can see is you. Your face was so familiar I felt like I’d seen you every lifetime. With the most perfect lips I’ve ever seen and a gorgeous beard to match. The more we talk and laugh we are secretly checking off each other’s list. Even though I barely know you, you seem unlike anyone else. We’re sharing glances, flickering touches and laughs between the group. We’ve never met, but you’re now mine. Our mutual friend tried to play Cupid. I asked her about you, and she said you’re the man. Which sparked us to get talking, which led to flirting and then.

We shared a smokey kiss.

While everyone around us starts to fade away. With your big arms and chocolate eyes that I forever want to indulge in. However, a quick snap back to reality as friends are starting to get into fights around us. Some guy tries to fight me for sticking up for my friend, and you protect me. Act as if you would die for me. I’ve never felt that before, that rush and safety. I bring you back to my place, you meet all my friends, and they love you. They’re telling me how we already seem like a couple. As we are all dancing in my living room. The people fade one by one, but we’re still sparking cigs, singing songs, and stealing kisses.

You tell me how your phone broke, and I wonder how we will continue our modern day love story. Maybe we’ll bump into each other again, you’ll see this story somewhere and find your way to me, or perhaps you were just another Mystery. So, if you see this,

“Happy Valentine’s Day.”

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