Melanie Martinez announces new album Portals – a fresh concept with a different face

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Melanie Martinez fans can finally get excited for new music following the announcement of her new album, after a four year gap in her discography.

Crybaby’s story

Her first two albums, Crybaby and K-12 tell the story of Crybaby. The first album coming with a corresponding story book and the second being released with a film.

Throughout previous albums, childlike analogies and story lines are used to convey deeper meanings and hard-hitting topics. Martinez has developed an individual lyrical technique which has, in turn, created a character and a concept which is completely unique to her. 

So far most of the music released by Melanie Martinez follows the same character, and the representation of Crybaby herself has been consistent. That’s what makes the recent announcements so exciting. The visuals are completely different from everything we have seen from her before.

A new era

With her last music release being in 2020, excitement for the release of an album would be a given, but that just wasn’t enough for Melanie. Instead, she deleted all her previous posts on Instagram and posted what would be only the first peek into what is coming next. 

The tombstone of Crybaby is seen in the first post, along with a song where she sings lyrics ‘back from the dead’, bringing us to the edge of our seat and keeping us there with every post she has made since. 

Throughout Melanie Martinez’s recent Instagram posts we have watched, quite literally at times, the hatching of a new era. Leading to the announcement of her upcoming album Portals, which will be released on March 31.


From futuristic graphics to phenomenal special effects, what we see is nothing like we have seen before. With the announcement of Portals came the appearance of a new face. One which has pink skin, four eyes and a feline-like mouth. 

After watching the alien-like character grow and develop through photos and videos it’s hard to deny the fact that the body language and the face seem strangely familiar, reminiscent of a one we once knew. 

However, the teasers are just that. Leaving us with so many thoughts and questions. Is it a new character or are we seeing a different representation the one we previously knew? Will Martinez follow the same path of storytelling, or will we get a completely fresh approach?

With Melanie Martinez being arguably one of the most experimental artists, in the means of lyrics and concepts, the questions left are nothing but exciting.  All we can do is wait and see. 

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