Sam Ryder live review: Amazing hair and even better stage presence

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Sam Ryder kicked off his career with an astonishingly amazing Eurovision performance in 2022, following his rise to fame on TikTok. He has now embarked on his first UK tour, and I was lucky enough to witness his magic in real life. 

Taking to the stage in Glasgow’s Barrowland Ballroom on March 22, Sam Ryder provided an experience which couldn’t be compared to one I have had before. 

I arrived knowing none of his music, other than the one that got a lot of radio coverage – SPACE MAN. However, I left feeling like a Sam Ryder fan girl. And it wasn’t just because of his music. 

As soon as the first guitar note was played the crowd erupted. I’ve never experienced such support for an artist so new on the scene. The energy in the room was contagious before he had even made it to the stage. 

With a sparkly boiler suit and long blond hair, he fell nothing short of a rock star. The stage presence and vocal range being reminiscent of Freddie Mercury. Completely illuminating the faces of everyone watching. 

Every single box was ticked. From his performance of Without You turning the crowd into an energetic dance party, to Mountain. An upbeat, motivational song which felt like was being sung directly to me – “I am a mountain and down in the valley below is all that I’ve overcome” resonating in my heart. 

Ryder preached self love and acceptance through his lyrics. He connected with the fans, making even me all the way at the back, feel like I had my very own role to play. He spoke out about how he wanted the crowd to leave the show feeling a “connection of energy and emotion”. That is exactly what happened. 

Nothing compares to the feeling of sharing an experience with a room full of strangers, but Sam Ryder one upped this feeling. He is a born performer. 

His vocals ranged from beautiful, strong high notes to impressive lower tones. Holding notes for longer than I can hold my breath. All while dancing across the lengths of the stage. The show he put on was entraining to watch.

Ryder exclaimed that all he wants to do is “breath the air and share the music” with his fans. Showing himself as an artist who cares, who wants to connect with his fans and share his experience with them.  An attitude you really don’t get much of these days. 

I’ve never been to a concert which has radiated so much self-love and positivity – and I’ve been to A LOT. Not to mention his beautiful lyrics, amazing vocals and exciting stage presence. All together a brilliant gig that I feel lucky to have experienced.

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