The Owl House Finale Review: A Bittersweet Ending ★★★★★

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Review of the final episode of the Disney Channel animated show The Owl House

This review contains spoilers. 

The experience of a beloved show coming to an end is a bitter-sweet one, with an amalgamation of emotions to accompany it. Joy, sadness, an overwhelming urge for more and the quiet contentment of a complete story. Watching and Dreaming, the final episode of The Owl House is no exception. 

On the 9th of April, audiences said goodbye to Luz Noceda (Sarah-Nicole Robles), Eda Clawthrone (Wendie Malick) and King (Alex Hirsch) and the strange and magical world of The Boiling Isles. 

Fans have been patiently waiting and dreaming about the release of the final episode of The Owl House, created by Dana Terrace, ever since it was announced back in 2021, when it was revealed that season 3 would be the final season and consist of only three special-length episodes to complete the story.

Despite its severely reduced run-time, support for The Owl House has been at an all-time high, with the finale reaching almost 3 million views on YouTube only a day after release.

The Owl House follows 14-year-old, Luz Noceda, who feels lost and misunderstood in the human world until she accidentally stumbles into The Boiling Isles, a weird and wonderful place full of magic, adventure and danger. She meets and befriends the cool and rebellious witch Eda and her adorable demon companion King who take Luz under their wing as she navigates this unfamiliar place, meets new friends and ultimately learns to love and accept herself. 

The plot picks up immediately from the previous episode. The Boiling Isles has been completely taken over and forced into participating in the Collectors’ games so Luz, Eda and King, reunited at last must fight to rescue their friends and family and save their home from total distruction.

The episode is jam-packed with action and epic battle scenes. However, it certainly doesn’t hold back on the emotional gut punches.

The Owl House has never shied away from portraying dark themes, establishing a perfect balance between the light-hearted and humorous scenes to those rip-your-heart-out moments where all hope seems lost. Above all else, The Owl House is a truly heart-warming and empowering tale of love, family and self-acceptance in all of its many forms.

In the finale, Luz finally achieves her main character, fantasy protagonist dreams and saves The Boiling Isles from Belos’s wrath with the help of Eda and King.  

Towards the end of the episode audiences were gifted with a time-skip epilogue montage. Portraying the characters fans have grown to love are shown, in a newly rebuilt Boiling Isles, working together as a community to heal the wounds of the past and move forwards towards a brighter future.

Luz isn’t forced to make the difficult decision of leaving her life behind in the magical world to return to the human world but gets to experience the best of both worlds in an uplifting ending scene where the audience are shown snippets of their favourite characters living in this new reality.  

While it is disappointing to consider what The Owl House could have been had it not been cancelled, the creative team have never failed to give audiences anything less than perfection and have created a beautifully vivid and colourful world full of lovable and complex characters who have all become so near and dear to my heart. 

The Owl House is a diverse, narratively rich and visually stunning show for all ages and the finale perfectly encapsulates why this show is so special to so many and will remain in the hearts and memories of fans for years to come.  

The Owl House is available to watch on Disney Plus. 

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