Clansmen targeting a bounce back season 

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The Stirling Clansmen American Football club are aiming for a successful debut into the new Scottish division of BUCS after last year’s disappointing season. 

The players will return to the pitch on September 8 for training camp after a summer away, excited for the competition that lies ahead. 

Camp will be the start of three days that promise to test the team both physically and mentally. Players will take part in drills and fitness challenges to get them ready for the season, all while learning a new playbook under the watchful eye of their expert coaches. 

The Clansmen are set for competitive match ups with universities up and down Scotland. Teams all around the league will have the Clansmen circled on their calendar, hoping to knock off the four-time BUCS Champions and take their place as the top team in Scotland. 

The Clansmen aren’t afraid of this challenge though. They are on a mission to meet and surpass their own expectations for what is possible this season. The players readily take every opportunity to compete to better themselves and their teammates. 

“The Clansmen are hungry to improve, hungry to compete, and hungry to get back to winning. “

This desire to get better was illustrated when Willy Stevens, a third-year player and last year’s team MVP. 

He commented: “Is anlann maith é an t-ocras”. 

This Irish phrase translates to “Hunger is a good sauce” and the Clansmen are hungry to improve, hungry to compete, and hungry to get back to winning. 

Second-year head coach Danny Smith said:

“The committee and I have worked hard to secure a larger and more talented coaching staff. When we factor in our new recruits, I believe we are much stronger than last season.  

“We find ourselves in a new Scottish National Division One and as the most successful Scottish university team ever, our aim is to strive to dominate that division, with hard work and the utmost determination from everyone in our organisation.  

“Nothing, however, in this sport is certain, so absolute commitment across the board will be required to achieve this goal.” 

The Clansmen open their season against the UWS Pyros at home on October 29.

Featured image credit: JC Ryan

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