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Scotland lose 20-29 to GB U19 American Football

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Stirling Clansmen players lead the Scottish U19 American Football team against the Great Britain U19 Lions.

The Clansmen had three players at the game, Luca Clements, Ben Grove, and Pearce McAllister who all made major impacts. Luca Clements and Ben Grove were named as the Defensive and Offensive captains.

Luca Clements and Ben Grove lead the team out against GB

The Scotland team struggled offensively as the QB was under pressure. This caused inaccuracies that weren’t helped by poor field position for many of their drives.

Attempts to force the ball to Ben Grove through jet sweeps were unsuccessful due to pressure from a swarming GB defence. Pearce McAllister was also a major factor in the blocking for the run game when he came in on the third drive.

Defensively, Scotland showed how talented the young squad is with two defensive turnovers that kept the game close.

Luca Clements showcased some of the impact plays that the Clansmen are expecting from his play in the coming season. His play on the first few GB drives forced them to dedicate two men to blocking him.

Head Coach Tam McKendrick said: “We were really excited to give so many talented youngsters some 11v11 game time. Having the score so close just goes to show the real talent we have in Scotland not just in the playing squad but within the coaching ranks as well.

“The team has really blossomed over the last few years and we’ve now just had the most points scored in a game and our first female player to get game time so you can really see how much this team continues to develop.”

The Scotland U19 team take the field again on the 11th of November against the SGS Pride U19 team.

Feature image credit: Scott J L Boyd

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