The Lost Boys: A cult classic staple for Halloween viewing

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Released back in 1987, The Lost Boys instantly became a success worldwide and claimed the cult classic tag. The film is still a Halloween favourite for many due to its original horror, but also its comedy and 80s nostalgia. 

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The movie centres around brothers Sam and Michael, portrayed by Corey Haim and Jason Patric, who moved with their mum to live with their grandad in Santa Carla.

Just as they are about to settle in they start to realise that the place is not as lively it seems. The city is in fact a hub for vampires. With Michael being taken in by a pack of vampires, his brother Sam and his adventurous new friends take matters into their own hands. Saving Michael and killing the vampires leads to an epic battle. 

Upon first reading the synopsis of the film it comes across as a typical horror film. However, there are strong elements of comedy and adventure that contribute to the overall thrill, making it ideal for audiences with multiple interests.

The adventure aspect that takes place also appeals to younger teenage audiences. It allows the film to be the perfect watch for both teenage and adult audiences alike. 

The Lost Boys was one of the first movies of its time to balance multiple other genres in with horror, and also to include great detail and insight into the classic culture of the 1980s.

The music, fashion, makeup, trends and entertainment included in the film was mastered in terms of accuracy to that time. This has heavily contributed to the film being a cult classic, alongside hitting adult viewers with the vibrant nostalgia of the 1980s. 

This film has been classed as a staple to watch for a Halloween night in, with its great amounts of horror and 80s culture and dashes of comedy and adventure it will keep both youths and adults hooked from start to end. 

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