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Christmas in a Nutshell

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Nutshell, a homeware and lifestyle shop and a well-known fixture of Bridge of Allan has launched its annual Christmas product range.

Established in October 2018 by owners Eric and Rhona, Nutshell recently introduced its Christmas range, including a unique selection of Santa-themed snow globes, wooden nutcrackers, miniature wooden Christmas trees, baubles, miniature Christmas houses with fairy lights, botanical Christmas crackers and robin decorations.

“Our varied selection of Christmas products have a contemporary and traditional look to bring up a smile. We aim to surprise and delight our customers with our quirky, playful, individually selected products that can brighten up anywhere. There is something for everyone,” said Rhona, co-owner of Nutshell.

“We try and get different products for each year. Some of our most popular products have been the wooden nutcrackers, wooden Santa and our light-up robin, which has been a bestseller with our customers.”

All products are displayed with thought in Nutshell’s collection of bespoke furniture, with the shop radiating the warmth of Christmas. Senses are in adrenaline at the vast selection of items, colours and smells.

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Credit: Joseph Smith.

Nutshell customers will also be interested in their other individually selected products, such as multicolour Millie Mae blankets, scarves, and numerous clothing items.

“We have a completely unique and hand-picked collection of home products, wall products and clothing all of which sell well with University students. We always aim to have a wider customer base and our products are for every age.”

There is also a fabulous selection of jewels for a gift, Christmas party or night out with friends.

Photo of Nutshell outside
Credit: Joseph Smith.

These Christmas items are perfect gifts for loved ones or to brighten up one’s student accommodation.

Nutshell has a 10 per cent student discount for their products.

Feature image credit: Joseph Smith

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