Photos of Stirling by Phoebe McCulloch

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These are photos of Stirling City and Stirling University’s campus by Phoebe McCulloch who is a first year student studying mathematics and economics.

When Brig Arts asked Phoebe why she enjoys photography and took these photos, she said:

“I am fascinated by what Stirling has to offer. What a cosy campus over looking Dumyat and the wallace momument. It’d be silly not to take a few snaps! I just love a good scenery and the walk along the bridge never gets old, especially in different weather conditions. So with this in mind I took a few photos in different weather conditions, snow, sun and mist! A photo says so much without needing a caption and is a lovely form of expression.”




Article by Caroline Malcolm

Featured image credit: Phoebe McCulloch

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  1. Hi, this is Caroline from Brig Arts. I would just like to apologise for the pictures vanishing at times. I don’t know why this is happening, but I am working on making sure it doesn’t happen again.
    Enjoy the photos!

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