NUS Vice President ‘conspired with Israeli embassy’ to oust President

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here.Screenshot from Al Jazeera’s The Lobby

A Vice President of the National Union of Students has been caught in a bid to oust Malia Bouattia, according to a report by Middle East Eye.

The footage was caught when the VP, Richard Brooks, revealed this information to an undercover reporter from Al-Jazeera.

As revealed in the footage, the reporter asks Brooks who he should speak to if he wants to oppose Bouattia.

Brooks, signifying himself as a key member in the opposition to the NUS President, replies: “[If] you want to speak with someone in a certain geographical area, I’ll point you at the right people.”

He then suggests that the reporter should contact him if he wishes to further discuss ousting Bouattia.

Brooks reveals in the tapes that he visited Israel on the invite of the Union of Jewish Students (UJS).

This film was released as the result of a six-month investigation by Al-Jazeera in to the Israel lobby in the UK.

The film also revealed that disgraced diplomat Shai Masot, who worked at the Israeli embassy in London, was attempting to “take down” MPs including Jeremy Corbyn and the shadow foreign minister.

You can watch the excerpt from Al Jazeera’s new film The Lobby below:

Facing calls for his resignation, Brooks has released statements on his social media accounts in an attempt to stop what he calls “misinformation being spread”.

“Myself and the far left elected leadership of the NUS politically disagree on lots of things. It’s therefore not a shock or expose that I politically organise against what I think to be an ineffectual and damaging Presidency for Students’ Union or students,” he said.

Brooks also dismisses allegations of conspiracy and states that he is proud to work with the UJS.


It was also revealed in this footage that the Union of Jewish Students receives funding from the Israeli embassy.

“Once you’re involved with the Union of Jewish Students, they then connect you,” Adam Schapira, a pro-Israel activist who unsuccessfully ran for UJS president, tells the undercover reporter.

He adds: “My sister worked for the embassy for a bit, as her first job. It’s a good platform to do for like a year.”

It is during this conversation that Schapira tells the reporter about the Israeli funding which USJ is receiving.

The documentary also reveals that Schapira has received further funding from Israel to establish his group the Pinkser Centre, who describe themselves as “a coalition of young people educating about Zionism and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.”

You can read the original Middle East Eye report here.


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