Ibbotson: I would cut Clubs & Socs Ball

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Credit: Alasdair Ibbotson

VP Communities candidate Alasdair Ibbotson has signalled that he would cut Clubs & Socs Ball in order to save Union funds.

During the Air3 News Show on Tuesday, Ibbotson highlighted a lack of funding for the Stirling Students’ Union, and when pressed on how he would fund his proposals, suggested cuts that he would make.

“I’m not going to beat around the bush here, there are things that are great for the Union that people like but I think are not as important,” he said.

When pressed by his fellow VP communities candidates for examples, Ibbotson explained that he feels Clubs & Socs Ball requires great expense and staff time from the Union, and that it only benefits those who are able to, and can afford to, attend.

“Do I think that it’s the best thing the Union could be doing?” he said. “Do I think it’s benefitting the people who need [Union funds] the most? No, I don’t.”

Both Jamie Grant and James Fitzsimons, who are also running for the sabbatical position, objected to Ibbotson’s proposal, arguing that scrapping events such as Clubs & Socs Ball could lead to further cuts.

Fitzsimons pushed back on Ibbotson’s proposal, stating: “You start with cutting a few costs with Clubs and Societies, maybe eventually you push further and you cut costs from other things which people enjoy at university.”

Grant also argued that these cuts could lead to less student engagement within the Student Union, and could lead to the block grant for the Union being reduced.

Current VP Communities Jess Logan was also on the show, and told Ibbotson that Clubs & Socs Ball is effectively cost-neutral with funds raised from sponsors and other fundraising efforts.

Clubs & Socs Ball is a yearly tradition for Stirling students, with an awards ceremony celebrating the achievements of clubs and societies over the past year.

This year’s ball will take place on the April 3 at Stirling Court Hotel.

Scott Mackay, who is also running for VP Communities, was not able to make the radio show.

Featured image credit: Alasdair Ibbotson

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