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Some final words of wisdom from fourth-year students

Fourth-year students pass on their wisdom from their time at university.

Credit: Amy Beveridge

We all know that university can be hard sometimes, so who better to ask for advice than fourth-years who have been there, done that, and got the University of Stirling-branded hoodie?

Brig’s fourth-years have come together to each give you their top tip for getting through uni in one piece.

“Get involved in a club, society or sports team. It gives you a bunch of ready-made friendships waiting to happen.”

“I spent my first three years of university living in halls, and spent my last year in a lovely flat in Bridge of Allan wondering why it took me so long to move out. Seriously, move out of the noisy, rubbish-filled nightmare that is halls and get some independence!”

“Chances are your friends at the beginning of university won’t be the same as at the end. Don’t worry – it can take some time to find your people, but you’ll get there in the end.”

“Join a society and join it as early as you can. Also go on study abroad, get involved with uni sport, learn how the library works early on, and budget your money properly.”

“If you think you have a disability – dyslexia, dyscalculia, dyspraxia, anxiety, anything – get checked out straight away by disability services. They are genuinely amazing and don’t let being afraid to admit there’s something wrong affect your grades because of lateness or another issue.”

Learn how to use the library – it’s not scary, I promise! Credit: University of Stirling

“Always be nice to the porters in first year, they’ll remember you forever!¬†Remember Domino’s and cider is not a balanced diet – even if it has vegetables on it.”

“Be careful with your money, SAAS will seem like a lot until it’s all gone and you’re in your overdraft. Finding a wee part time job is never too bad either!”

“Start drinking diluting juice – one of the best economic decisions you can make. I can go through a ¬£2 bottle of Fanta in a week, but I can stretch a ¬£1 bottle of Robinson’s orange and pineapple diluting juice over a month! Can’t imagine how much money it’s saved me over my four years.”

“It’s best for students to try and figure out what they wish to do after graduation as early as possible. It’s really difficult to land that dream Masters programme or job if you haven’t built your CV with appropriate volunteering, part-time jobs, good grades in the right modules and relevant projects, and that can’t happen in fourth year only. Getting involved with stuff like this would also help them weed out what they thought they’d enjoy but don’t like doing once they try it in reality. As a whole, just start thinking about your future as early as possible – saves you a lot of stress and hassle.”

“Scheduling is important. Preparing and organising your study and out-of-study activities well is crucial to getting good results. Or, at the very least, aim to go to sleep at a regular time.”

Everyone at Brig wishes you the best for the new semester – whether you follow this advice or not!

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