Brig talks to VP Communities candidate Josh Muirhead

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Brig met third year politics student Josh Muirhead to discuss his manifesto, and find out why he thinks he is the best person to the next Vice President Communities.

Josh Muirhead wants to be your next VP Communities
Credit: Josh Muirhead for VP Comms campaign page

In his time at the University of Stirling, Muirhead has thrown himself fully into student life. He has worked on committees for Air3 radio, the debating society and has also served two terms as an NUS delegate.

He is also one of the founding members of the tenancy union which was founded last semester to support students and help them to recognise their rights regarding accommodation.

Accommodation plays a big part in his manifesto. It is one of the points that he expands upon the most, but he spoke enthusiastically about all the things he hopes to achieve if elected.

He said: “I’m very passionate about the role, and I want to throw myself into protecting students.”

He also spoke about his new idea for a mental-health campaign. If elected, Muirhead plans to create a support network based on early warning signs, and to signpost where help is available.

Commenting on the current services, Muirhead said: “We have services that are good-ish, but that is not good enough. We need to better our services, and focus particularly on vulnerable groups that have been identified, like teaching students and student nurses.”

Muirhead also wants to re-introduce ‘VP Tea’. The scheme was first created by current VP Communities Jamie Grant in his first year in office, but has not ran it this year.

The scheme will allow clubs and societies presidents to come along once a week and chat to the VP Communities in an informal manner.

He said: “I want to be more visible to clubs and societies, and this would give me the opportunity to praise the good things that are going on, whilst also fixing the issues clubs have and moving forward together.”

Muirhead was also questioned on his position on no platforming at last night’s Brig election event. He said that he believes controversial speakers should be given a platform to speak on campus, as long as they pose no threat to students.

He assured me that no matter what his stances are on political issues, if he is elected he will work to represent students and put personal opinions and stances to the side, and get on with the job.

Asked why  Brig readers should vote for him, Muirhead replied that his experience within the union and across campus makes him suitable for the role.

He said: “I’m the only non-sabbatical student to be involved in rent negotiations, so I also have experience with negotiating with other aspects of university outside the student union.”

Muirhead concluded by highlighting the importance of voting. The Student’s Union represents and protects students. If you’re not going to support me, please get out and vote.”

It certainly seems as if Muirhead is not ‘Joshing around’. You can vote for him when the polls open on Monday at 11, if you think he is the best man for the job.


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