VP Communities Josh Muirhead fights for re-election

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AFTER nine months in office, Vice President Communities Josh Muirhead has decided that he wants one more year in the role.

His achievements to date including securing a “fantastic rent deal” and securing small improvements in First Bus.

In addition to this, last year saw the university recycle 92 per cent of its waste; Josh aims to make this figure even higher.

He said: “Under pressures of flood damage, ongoing strike action and being a sabbatical officer down, I think I’ve still managed to be that friendly face for clubs and societies this year.

“I wish I could have worked more on transport. If elected, I would love to come back and tackle it.”

The achievement of which Josh is most proud of this year is the rent deal, which came during the student occupation of the management building.

Josh added: “I’ve tripled the amount of frozen beds, and secured an extra £20,000 for the improvement fund.

“It’s not the end game but it’s a fantastic step forward.”

On the topic of student activism and the Stirling 13, Josh admit that he didn’t support the occupation but has since been vocal in his beliefs that their punishment is disproportionate.

He said: “I will always vehemently defend the right to protest. But blocking fire exits and the way in which the occupation was carried out, was wrong. Students can come to the Union for advice on how to protest.”

Looking ahead to his potential re-election next Tuesday, March 10, Josh wants to concentrate on tackling social isolation and increasing media freedom for Brig, Air3 and Air TV – the “voice of students” on campus.

He said: “The sabbatical officers having to review Brig before publication is unnecessary.”

One manifesto point of his only opponent, Jess Reid’s manifesto that he likes is to take action on circuit laundry.

He added: “I currently sit on a NUS working group on the issue.”

When asked why students should lend Josh their vote, he said: “I’ve proven that I am more than willing to fight for students.

“If I can’t do something, I’m honest about it. I have an achievable manifesto and have built strong relationships with University staff. I’ve done a lot of groundwork which I can build on if re-elected.”

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