More asbestos discovered during campus construction works

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MORE material containing asbestos has been discovered during the ongoing construction works on campus.

Yesterday, an anonymous source told Brig: “There has been another asbestos exposure in the Robertson’s building site in the atrium area.

“Your student’s area may be contaminated. On Saturday there were workers in, cutting the floor for cable ways when it was discovered.

“There’s still students walking through corridors adjacent to the site. Samples have since been sent away to be tested and the results have come back as confirmed asbestos.”

The University of Stirling have confirmed that asbestos has been discovered on campus, but insist that is does not pose a risk to passers by.

A University spokesperson said: “The planned and safe removal of asbestos-containing material as part of the Campus Central development does not pose a risk to students.

“It is not uncommon for asbestos-containing material to be present within buildings from the period during which the atrium was constructed.

“Contractors working on the university’s Campus Central development are aware of this, continually survey the work areas, and undertake industry recognised procedures to safely remove asbestos containing materials when found.”

This is the second time this academic year that asbestos has been found on campus, with the first discovery being made on September 25, 2019.

Keep up to date with Brig over the coming weeks for further updates on the construction works on campus.

Featured image credit: Sam Ormiston

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